Hello there everybody! Landry here and I am pumped to bring you guys the top 20 things that were wrong with the All Stars finale: The Final Wreck-ening!


20. Throughout the episode the lawyers and the network call Chris constantly and annoy him so much that he tosses his phone into toxic waste. I mean shouldn't they've called like early in the season? Or at least send someone to keep an eye on Chris? The answer is no by the way.

19. The last shot of the other competitors (Lindsay, Lightning, Jo, Sam, Courtney, Scott, Duncan and Sierra) are last shown floating away in fart filled balloons into the sun leaving the vagueness of their survival worse than a Rob Zombie fueled horror movie.

18. This episode is brought to by the letters W, T and F for what the Frank? (I would have the actual f-word their but I don't want the admins hounding me.) Anyway this episode's challenge is a ripoff/homage to Hawaiian Punch since both challenges feature the final two choosing helpers and have a race to the top of a structure to win the money.

17. Chef seemed kinda over this show just as much as most of the fans are since his role has been refused to being an extra.

16. Well we can safely assume that Chris gets none from the ladies since Al and Heather as well as Mike and Zoey have reconciled there was also a small moment where Gwen kisses Cameron on the cheek.

15. I know Chris hates the contestants but really hoping that they will die? that's kinda bit.....crazy if you know what I mean.

14. What's funny is that the three interns this season, the two dudes and one chick, actually survived working for Chris two seasons in a row. They should get a metal for their bravery!

13. I would like to point this out know but Chris's ego is twice the size of Camp Wawnakwa. Sorry Chris's legion of fan girls but that's a sad truth.

12. Apparently Disney funded the part in the episode where Zoey symbolically buries her Mike medalian. I mean really it seemed very out of place for it to not be a Cartoon Network or Teletoon thing. But than again this is Zoey we're talking about and since when does anything she says make any sense.

11. For once Chef's bid for Ms. Fanservice goes to Heather this episode since she from being all sweet and lovey dovey with Al to being her TDI self again.

10. Cameron's bubble's life lasted longer than the average attention span of anyone watching this episode with a straight face. Also it committed suicide when it realized what show it was on.

9. Owen finally gets his much needed cameo appearance that he's been wanting all season long. It also helps that the Owen fanboys can be satisfied that their hero is finally useful again.

8. The network who were ready to throw Chris in jail for the rest of his life are now on board to let this lunatic host another season of Total Drama. This could only end well.....

7. Did the butler.....drown? or did he escape but got eaten by sharks? or was he a ghost this entire time and only those on the island can see him? Oh my god there's a creepy pasta in there somewhere! *runs of to tell a certain TD creepy pasta theorist about all of this*

6. The pacing of this episode felt like an episode of My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic in which the plot was slow and painful but everything goes by so fast that everything relevant gets missed.

5. So what does Mike work like a laptop? Are Chester, Vito, Svetlana and Manitoba act like important files? and is Mal some sort of computer virus that has to be deleted? also why a reset button? surely someone could've hit Mal hard enough to bring Mike back right? we've seen it happen before.

4. The castle with three moats reminds me of Al and Heather's relationship it's toxic to the point of nausea, it's so hot that it can burn and it's cold, wet and smells like the bottom of the ocean.

3. Rest in peace fair Wawnakwa we'll miss you and all of the death traps that were hidden on you. We'll also miss the crazy wildlife which for some reason all disappeared when you sank. R.I.P Camp Wawanakwa (2007/2008-2013)

2. Gwen seems like she's finally over Duncan and Courtney in this episode, or due to her lack of screen time and lines the writers just gave up. Either way the Gwen we all know and love (and sometimes hate) is back.

1. Great, now we have to wait 6 months for TDPI to air since Canada hasn't aired the season yet. I mean going into this season I thought season 6 would air right after it since Cartoon Network ordered 26 episodes, but I was wrong.

My final thoughts on this season: I hope season 6 is much better in comparison to this and I hope the challenges next season are better in difficulty than this season's.

I hope you enjoyed this blog and be sure to leave positive comments! :3

Disclaimer: this blog is just the demented opinion of a guy with way too much time on his hands. :3

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