Hey everyone!, Landry here and sorry for taking so long to make this blog (even though it hasn't been that long.) I bet that Bigez and Fedora (as well as a few others) have already posted their review blogs. But here it is the epic review of Everything Wrong With.... for The Bold and The Booty-ful!

Let's get started! (WARNING: MINOR ZOEY BASHING AHEAD!) (you have been warned. :3)

10. Everything Is What It Seems-Granted Zoey is the token Mary Sue of this season but come on now has she ever looked at Mike's face after Mal took over?

9. Ummm...Alright....-I take back that last sin but still it took her this long to find out that her suspicion (and bogus tarot cards) were actually true? But to prove that Mal is the evil guy he is.....she takes him to the finale.....this won't end well.

8. The Young And The Painfilled-it was way too obvious that Gwen and Scott were getting the boot immediately after the challenge started: Gwen accidentally and trying to restore the only intact painting of Chris and Scott getting the snot beaten out of him from Fang.

7. Uhhhhhh.....-that whole revealence that Mike could be the personality and Mal being the real thing could've been really neat if the writer or writers had a chance to flesh it out more.

6. Another Zoey Sin-Zoey won her third challenge in a row due to just a string of dumb luck and everyone is drooling over it like she's the best contestant ever. Yes this is a sin now.

5. Babble Of The.....People?-this is by far the worst final four episode ever! I give it an F! *drops a giant cinder block F on Camp Wawnakwa*

4. No Promo, Mo Problems-this is the second (probably third) episode in a row where no promo for the next episode is shown. I hope the first ep. of TDPI airs after the All Stars "finale" or else! ):<

3. Needs More Leshawna-I wished she cameoed wearing the parrot costume not Chef. Although that was pretty funny.....until Chef left and was never seen again.

2. Needs More Glitter-....and by that I mean needs a better.....everything. It needed a better script, better pacing, better chance for development and better use of Mike and the others inside of Mike's head.

1. Get Real-this could be the worst episode of All Stars by far and I hope Zoey wins next week's episode. I mean it we need an official female winner this time around for both the US and Canada.

Tune in next week for a special TOP 20 Everything Wrong With....for The Final Wreck-ening!

Disclaimer: this blog is merely the demented opinion of a guy with way too much time on his hands. :3

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