Sundaes.....why did have to be sundaes! x.x'


What a nightmare!

Here's something different this week I saw this on Quasi's (sorry I forgot his full username) blog and his review covered the final 5 by pointing out what they did this episode. But instead I'm gonna point out what sins the final 5 and explain why they have these sins. Btw, I totally called Vito being the last personally this was pretty obvious.

So let's get started:

Scott's Sins:

Such An Idiot-I wanted him to go over Courtney since it was so obvious he was the one to go.

Why Is He With Courtney?-She doesn't even like him back and he's turning into Duncan, it's not funny.

A Plot Twist M. Night Shyamalan Wouldn't Write-The dude almost falling off of a cliff, almost gets mauled by a bear and almost gets mashed to pieces by the Total Drama Machine. (yet he still managed to escape injury.)

Mike's Sins: (Mike not Mal)

5 Minutes of Screentime-This whole episode only featured him and his other 3 personalities as Manitoba is the last one.

Wasted Plot Was Wasted-Mike finally stopping Mal was thwarted by everyone's stupidity (although Svetlana tried moving things along.)

Gwen's Sins:

Dangerprone Daphne-Throughout the episode she seems to almost get hurt but still manages to avoid it.

Zoey's Sins:

Can Win A Win-Both of her immunity wins (last week's and this week's) were courtesy of Mal so he can find the DVD Al hid.

Courtney's Sins:

Dangerprone Daphne-Same as Gwen.

Fans Won't Save You-Yep the Island Courtney no one liked as much as Action or World Tour Courtney returned.

Obvious Foreshadowing-Really?! Who wrote this trash? They should be fired.


All and all a bad episode. :c

Disclaimer: this blog is clearly the demented opinion of a guy with way too much time on his hands. :3

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