Hey everyone!, LandryC here and I'm back with yet another fun installment of "Everything Wrong With..." for Total Drama: All-Stars!

So let's get right down to it:

10. Alliances-Predictable as always but this time it's Gwen getting all the attention and not DJ like TDWT. :/

9. Mike or Evil Mike?-I wish Evil Mike was active for the majority of the episode, only switching back into Mike when Zoey was around.

8. Zoey Was Secretly Svetlana All Along-The one time she shows any type of personality she turns into a Mary Sue! DX

7. Fanfiction-This episode as a whole feels like it was written by a fan of the show because of the following: the "get Gwen on my side" alliance attempts, Duncan pulling a Cody (you peeps should know what I'm talking about) and that...thing...with....Sierra and Cameron....o.o' (although I loved the humor of this episode. I mean "Bunking With the Bickersons"? HA! XD)

6. Personalities No More-Well....there goes Mike's personality, I guess. (RIP Chester, Svetlana, Manitoba and Vito.....for now.) I really hope they return and destroy Evil Mike.

5. TDA Courtney-Yeah, she returned for a brief moment when she used Sam as a human shield when Jo shot leeches at her. Let's just prey that TDA Courtney doesn't return so she can at least try to win.

4. What Could've Been-Lightning could've been great at this challenge: dodging leeches, guarding the bigger create and winning it for his team. But that didn't happen because of Jo and her poor leadership skills.

3. The Surprising Team Switch-It's Courtney and......DUNCAN!!!! DDDDDDDDDDD: *explodes than explodes again* (well we do get some Courtney-Gwen I right?)

2. Bye Bye Jo-I knew she was going even before the talk page spoiled it. But I didn't expect her to leave so early. X.x But I do have a hunch that Cameron might go next or probably quit on account of some unwanted attention from Sierra.

1. Predictable Chris-Nearly everyone (including myself) thought Courtney and Gwen would switch but when it was Courtney and Duncan swapping teams I almost fell off of my bed.

Here were the top 10 things wrong with Saving Private Leechball! :D

So tune in next week! ^^

Disclaimer: this blog is merely the demented opinion of a guy with way too much time on his hands. :3

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