Hey everyone!, LandryC here and I am back with a brand new installment of "Everything Wrong With.." for Total Drama: All-Stars.

So let's get on with it!:

10. The Title Says It All-Okay, I know the title is based off of something from Monty Python but still how many kids will get the reference? Sadly not a whole lot. :/

9. Mutation Shmutation-The "Fun Zone" is loaded with some of the mutant monsters from last season all in one place.

8. Not So Subtle McLean-In the recap Chris isn't even trying to be subtle over the reason why Caneron wanted to go home last episode. (But than again this is Chris we're talking about.)

7. Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Hold The Phone!-Zoey has doubts about Mike? She references tarot cards? And gives us a hint that she may use them? Or knows how to use them? Could this be some depth to her character? All signs point to yes!

6. Nothing's Fun About The "Fun Zone"-Nah, really? Ya think? (Sarcam is fun. isn't it? :B)

5. :P-Is it wrong to laugh at Duncan being all nice and how he's so freaked out about it? (The answer of course is yes since it's funny. :3)

4. Genderbending Plant-So Lerry is really a Laurie? O.o' Who'd a thunk it? xD

3. Really Sierra?-TDWT Sierra returned in this episode and I dun like it! >:c Plus more references to TDWT Sierra included the egg hunting challenge and the fact she named one of the mutant creatures after Cody.

2. She Found It?-Heather found the invince statue and not Scott?....glad to see that the writers changed it so Scott wouldn't find it. Btw I knew on my own that Alejandro followed Heather after she had stashed it by following her than using it against her.

1. I CALLED IT!-First off I knew that the invince statue would be in the "Fun Zone" hidden in one of the eggs. Second I knew that Duncan remembered Mike from his juviehall days. I also knew that The Heroes would win the challenge by some miracle and I knew the reward would be shown in the next episode. (and all of this without being spoiled on the talk page.)

Here were the top 10 things wrong with No One Eggspects The Spanish Opposition! :D

So tune in next week! ^^

Disclaimer: this blog is merely the demented opinion of a guy with way too much time on his hands. :3

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