Hey everyone!, LandryC here and I'm back with another fun installment of " Everything Wrong With..." for Total Drama: All Stars!

So let's get right down to it:

10. Your Something May Vary-The alt. title for this episode has been rumored/spoiled in the talk page as "Under The Blue Harvest Moon" for some parts of the world. True or not it wouldn't surprise me if this episode had an alt. title.

9. Handwalking Before It Was Cool-Hey Al stop making Heather feel all guilty and walk normally already! Fattie!! >.>

8. Smarter Than She Looks:....After all of that Zoey finally has a revelation (or a hunch) to Evil Mike after he trips Cameron and breaks his glasses.

7. Help Lindsay Is Trapped Inside Of A Dimwit-Sierra thru out the entire episode...

6. No More-Gwen?....and Duncan?.....split???? *explodes*

5. Better With The Glasses Off-Cameron looks a lot less nerdy and more Cody-ish than his usual personality...until he blabs to Mike that Zoey saw him break his glasses. D:<

4. Now With 20% More Evil-Everything about Evil Mike in this episode (plus Duncan mentioning seeing Mike somewhere before...again) but he took waaaaaaaay too much focus away from the plot.

3. Tight Knit Tightness-The only thing tighter than the storyline of this episode is Bigez's weave. >:3 But in all seriousness this a rarity in the series where EVERYONE (and yes, Zoey too :3) gets character development.

2. There's Something Missing-Two words: Jo's. Sweatpants. (one shot gags are funny...:3)

1. An Izzy Is Needed/There's An Izzy For This-Izzy would've rocked this episode (if she was competing) but sadly she isn't in this season. But if she was in this season she would've won it for her team and she would've made the episode about 20% cooler. (Note: this is the first time a sin has two different names.)

Before I close this off I would like to say: Bigez is NOT a fattie, Ryan is awesome! and sorry Jam but the production team ran out of glitter.

So...that's about it...the top 10 things wrong with Moon Madness! :D

Tune in next week everybody! ^^

Disclaimer: this blog is merely the demented opinion of a guy with way too much time on his hands. :3

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