Hey everyone! LandryC here and I'm starting something new. Now what I'm doing is I'm gonna run down the top 10 things wrong with episodes for Total Drama All-Stars.

So here we go:

10. The Opening Scene-Okay I get it Chris did a bad thing that hurt the environment but still we didn't need to see him go crazy. Also is this a kids show or a bad prison movie?

9. Rushed Theme Song-.....why? Just why?! I mean the 20 second theme gives us more drama but still. 'nuff said...

8. Ezekiel Goes Bye-Bye-A big slap in the face to all of the Ezekiel lovers out there. ):

7. The Obvious Foreshadowing-Only Lindsay would think a million dollars is not worth a lifetime of lucious lips.

6. Gwen-oh yeah take the one person from season one who was a loner and make her the center of attention. Writers I'm disappointed. >.>

5. Heather Is Trapped In A Bad High School Movie-It could've been easier if you asked Chris to swap teams or just ignore the two ton tin can. .-.

4. Newbies Get No Love-Four out the seven newbies from TDRI had their intros rushed with no way for them to make a good impression on the veterans.

3. Alejandro's New VA Is Secretly Tara Strong-Yeah yeah admittedly his new voice actor, Alex House, did a good job but why does he have to sound like Timmy Turner? DX

2. Unoriginal Challenge Is Unoriginal-Hey look everyone another cliff diving challenge! *audience cheers* But seriously though another challenge that requires you to jump off of a cliff, narrowly avoiding the hungry sharks and winning a prize at the end. Ugh.... *facepalms*

1. The Elimination Of Our Lovable Dimwit-Take a perfectly funny character make her dumber than she was in season one, force her to interact with one of her most hated enemies not once but twice and use the same gags she's known for until they're not funny anymore! D:<

So yeah here are the top 10 important things wrong with Heroes Vs. Villians! :D

See y'all next week!

Disclaimer: this blog is merely the demented opinion of a guy with way too much time on his hands. :3

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