Hey everyone!, LandryC here and I am back with a brand new installment of "Everything Wrong With...." for Total Drama All-Stars!

So let's get right down to it!:

10. Theme/Recap-Is it me or is the 20 second theme song getting shorter? Also are Chris' recaps getting longer? O.o'

9. Chef Is Secretly Izzy In Disguise-Ninja Chef is win in my book! :D (yeah this is the only good thing on this list so yeah....ignore this point right here....)

8. Epic Foreshadowing Is Epic-Between Sierra's mental breakdown after Evil Mike destroyed her phone and Gwen crying about Courtney in the confessional....I'm glad neither one of them went home tonight. :)

7. Another Eating Challenge?-Really?...... *head desk*

6. Scott....Has A....Crush...On....Courtney????-*tries to hold it in* *few seconds pass* *BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARF*

5. HA! Duncan Is Turning Into Trent-I thought Duncan blowing a kiss to Gwen was kinda sweet. Duncan is such a great boyfriend so strong and....*record scratch*...I mean....ummm...movin' on....*slinks away in embarrassment*

4. Finally The Season Image Makes Sense!-But yeah not really since it was kinda spoiled for us when it got released so....yeah it was a bit unfair that we got the foreshadowed Courtney-Heather conflict from the cast image and not from this episode.

3. Spoiler Rotten-Ya see what I did there? :3 anyway, some of the lines in this episode from one of Christian's videos plus another one where Rachel and Emilie were sharing a voice booth together kinda spoiled this episode for a majority of the fans. .-.

2. Duncan's Got Leshawna Lips!-HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! *explodes from laughter* that was funny....yeah it's a sin now to laugh at Duncan's misery.....:p (hey my blog, my rules >.>)

1. Sammy Sam Sam Sam-Y U Gotta B So Lame? :( you cost your team their win and you were just used as an overly cliched plot twist! *cries into the nearest pillow*.....this pillow is filthy... :'(

Okay let me regroup....*takes a deep breath in* *than exhales out slowly*

Here were the top 10 things wrong with Food Fright! :D

So...tune in next week!

Also...Bigez is a fattie! >.>

(loljkhetotallyisnot :3)

Disclaimer: this blog is merely the demented opinion of a guy with way too much time on his hands. :3

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