Hey everyone!, LandryC here and I'm back with another fun installment of "Everything Wrong With..." for Total Drama: All Stars.

So let's get right down to it!

10. The Return Of The Personalities-Yup they're baaaaaaaaaaaaack! And in control as ever-*sees Evil Mike*...HOLY-

9. Oh-No She's Not Crazy (Sarcasm FTW!)-Sierra went from being kinda obsessed to having a pic of Cody in the shower as her cellphone's wallpaper! D:<

8. The Same As He Ever Was-Alejandro is still the same guy he was back in Total Drama World Tour...only with a higher squeakier voice, sorry to all of the Alejandro fans out there. :S

7. Scott Evolves Into A Yuppie-...>.> *facepalms*

6. From Tara Strong To Tabitha St. Germain-I'm never gonna get used to Alejandro's new voice am I? .-. Also since when does Alejandro manscape? o.O

5. I Agree With Chris-TV couples aren't a good idea especially if said couple are two newbies with zero personality...correction one of them has one too many personalities. :o

4. I Can't Believe It's Not Butter TV-Yeah...this whole episode seems like a boring filler episode (much like Brunch of Disgustingness.) But this episode had an elimination in it (however this episode wins a special award: for having the most obvious and unoriginal elimination in the history of Total Drama! D:<)

^Side note: I apologize for the painful pun. :/

3. Sha-SAM?-Personally I thought he was gonna go home this episode since he you know got bitten by a mosquito, had his blood drained, got attacked by crabs and got stung by a jellyfish. O: I was still satisfied when Lightning left though....yeah that was justice! :p

2. In Desperate Need of A Musical Number-There were three times in this episode that needed a song to move the episode along: 1. Sierra's confessional when she was talking about her cellphone and how she missed Cody, 2. The challenge itself (my bet is that Jo has a lovely singing voice) and 3. When the Heroic Hamsters won over the Villainous Vultures (friendly gloating is strongly Chris.)

1. Heather-She's still trapped in a bad high school movie but at least this time there is more of a plot line regarding the pointless drama between her and Alejandro.

There they were the top 10 things wrong with Evil Dread! :D

So...tune in next week! ^^

Disclaimer: this blog is merely the demented opinion of a guy with way too much time on his hands. :3

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