Okay so this is not my usual review format and I apologize for that but this week I am going to rant about Suckers Punched. First off I would like to say that this blog is my opinion. Also this episode was bad and I don't mean Duncan's acting I mean really bad. Plus just knowing what was going to happen even without getting spoiled is not funny. Do the writers think we're a bunch of drooling idiots or something? the answer is yes, yes they do.

While the episode had it's funny moments, which I think were forced especially the ones centered around Sierra. They were grade school style jokes and Chris is apparently a 5th grade bully who was held back a few years. Also I know it's a sin to bash on Zoey but come on how could you not know your own boyfriend, who has Multiple Personality Disorder, finally snapped and became evil. Granted she has her suspicions but still blissful ignorance? really Zoey? really? It also doesn't take a Cameron to figure out the challenge was rigged.

Speaking of which we see that the wheel is rigged and we're reduced to being treated like preschoolers when Cameron points it out? no sir that's not how it works! The only redeeming quality, aside from Alejandro walking like a normal person again and not a crappy circus sideshow freak, is the appearance of his brother Jose. I would like to add that the Izzy cameo was a nice touch, I lost interest pretty quickly when Mal beat her up.

If this was a live action show this episode would probably be rewritten and not feature a guy beating up a girl. But hey this is a cartoon after all but it's still, ironically, aimed at kids. People are probably going to disagree with this blog but like I said earlier on that this is MY OPINION! Another thing I couldn't stand was that at the elimination ceremony that the "twist" is that the winning team gets to pick the loser from the losing team to go home while the losing team got to pick a winner from the winning team to be exiled.

Wow, that was...not a very creative twist to be perfectly honest. Let's just pray that next week's episode will be better. *sighs* :/


I see Duncan finally found the perfect mate. :p ----------->

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