Okay in the IRC right now there is this big unimportant fight going on I don't know what the fight is about and I'm going to try to get offensive. Certain users are arguing right now over whatever and I'm sick of it, these users I will name but I won't say anything bad about them. These users are: Ale-Alejandro, Ale-Alejandro, Samtastic450, TheZobe, FedoraKid, TDIFan13, Politoed89 and WebkinzMania. They are not to sound offensive or anything but they're acting like children and from I heard are acting like immature. XoTulleMorXo, Mygeto and Bridgette_Dj10 are trying to end the fighting but the ones who are fighting aren't listening to them. I think those users who I mentioned need to move the fight to another room. I, along with others, stayed out of the fight and are getting sideline play by play. Again I am not trying to start problems but if you don't want to carry yourself like your age you should not be fighting like idiotic children. Now thank-you for reading my blog I hope you didn't get offened and if you did than complain to an admin and have me banned for no reason.


This is for those I have wronged:

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