Hey you! Yes you there reading this blog! :D How would you like to do something fun and exciting! Something not a lot of people have done before! :D

How would you like to collaborate on a story with me? Let me answer that for you of course you do! Cause I think you are an amazingly talented and amazing person who an write. :3

Okay okay now that the cheesy sales pitch is out of the way let's get down to business. Since it's summer for most of the universe I thought it would be an excellent idea (in my opinion) to collaborate with somebody. Normally I would collab with somebody on anything (and anything I mean on a story or art.) But there are a lot talented writers on this wiki so I thought hey why not ask one of them to collab with me.

Now you're probably like "but Landry why do this sort of blog on the fan fiction wiki I think this is against the rules. :B" Well the reason why I'm asking here are for two reasons more people are active here than on the Fanfic wiki and two a lot people here have awesome imaginations. So we begin our little collab here are a few things I want to go over first.

1. Having decent enough grammer and spelling

People are going to be reading this story on the fanfic wiki so you don't want them commenting on the grammer and spelling every five minutes.

2. Using characters from the show or OCs.

I do have a lot of characters we can use for our story or we characters from the show. We can also use your OCs (if you have any) or ask peeps on the wiki we can use their OC for our story (if they let us.)

3. Having a unique location/challenges

The readers will get bored if the location and/or the challenges are bland, boring or predictable.

4. Be willing to collaborate and have a good enough schedule to keep the story consistent.

I admit that I have a crappy schedule so I won't be able with the writing which is why I need a writer. But there are other things I can help out with like challenges, episode titles, characters and any twists that get thrown in.

Okay now that those are out of the way here's what I want you to do: down in the comment section pitch me an idea for a Total Drama story. The story has to be a competition story that can either use contestants from the actual show, OCs (either mine, yours or with permissions of the people's) or a mix or canon contestants and OCs. Also put down where the location is going to be at, where it's taking place (ex.: space, underwater, Area 51, etc.) and how many contestants are going to be competiting. We will Chris host since....he's the host and it wouldn't be Total Drama without him.

(Important note: on the off chance we use my characters and you want to redraw them in your style I am perfectly fine with that. :3)

Have fun and be creative with your pitches! ^^

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