Yep, that's right guys and gals LandryC here to ask all of you fans: which team is your least favorite team from the first season thru the fourth season?

  • dramatic pause*

Which team is my least favorite you ask? well my least favorite team currently is Team Victory.


  • dramatic music plays in the background*

Here's all the reasons why this team fail:

The team name for me was a dead giveaway I mean I knew this team was going to fail. Next, the teams overall confidence in Walk Like An Egyptian Part 1 lead to their downfall. Thirdly, DJ's actions involving the mumified dog wasn't needed since the team was doomed anyway. Fourth, Ezekiel's elimination was wrong since it was Harold whosaid to bop the crocs on the nose. So with that, Harold should've been sent home over Ezekiel but everyone voted him off for losing the reward instead. Lastly, I think this team shouldn't have been formed since this team folded early and all the members of the team were expendible for both Heather and Alejandro.

So once again tell me which team TDI-TD:RI was your least favorite.


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