Hey everyone Landry here, I know it's funny hearing from me what with my usual long hiatuses from this place. Well, some of you might not like this but (if some of remember me at all) I typically become active during the new season and than disappear. I decided it was best for me to finally move on from this place, though I'll miss all the friends I made. I felt that I can finally move on from this place and focus on real life stuff and other fandoms I'm more active in. I've been a part of this wiki since 2008 and I've been avoiding (or at least trying to avoid) some of the drama.

Over the years I have made some great friends and some not so great enimies with people here. To everyone here, thank you for putting up with my random and crazy behavior for nearly 6 1/2 years. But like I said it's time for me to move on, it's not a retirement (because let's I'm not much of an editor.) This is more like me going somewhere else where I'm needed most. I know I have left and comeback but this it's permanent, it is hard to say goodbye but hey you have to sometime.

If any new users are reading this always remember: never underestimate our admins, they're smart people, be polite to others even if they're being rude to you and don't spam on talk pages, message walls, in chat or the IRC. To all my friends I have made I will miss you all and I hope you'll miss me. To my enemies you guys were worthy adversaries but were strong enough to outfox me. Good luck on this wiki, keep on showing the people at Total Drama that you love them inspire of their flaws. With that said I'm ready to leave and walk out into the fading sun that is reality.

Thanks for the memories, LandryC (2008-2015)

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