As the blog title states this is an apology blog sort of thing also this is a blog where I admit to being wrong. For one I am sorry that I threatened Ale-Alejandro, I was upset and when you're upset you say things you don't mean. Another thing is that yes I admit that I did want to rage quit over something very minor and that I should ignore. Also we all make mistakes and during my rage quit "phase" I said things that I shouldn't have said and I was rude when I should've been rational. There is also one more fun fact about me you're going to learn is that when I'm talking about something I have a hard time explaining myself.

While being on the subject of honesty I gather that this wiki is sometimes like a high school, meaning that people will talk but the key is to not let it bother you. Also I wasn't really as pissed off as one would suspect I mean after years of being accused of lying I kinda developed a thick skin for that sort of thing. So with that being said this is mainly an apology blog to Ale-Alejandro, who has my respect for confronting me about something she accused is being fake or invented. I also apologize for what I said about her personal life I know it was wrong and I honestly didn't mean it. It may take a while but I hope she accepts my apology and we put this ugly insident behind us and be friends again.

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