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  • LandryC

    I'm Back...

    May 1, 2016 by LandryC

    Hey guys Landry here, it's been awaile hasn't it. I've been meaning to make a return to the wiki. I'm only returning if people want me to, if not I'll leave again. For those who want to know, I've been okay, I've spent a whole year away. Save for a couple of small instances, I hope everyone I remember is still here and still has love for Total Drama in their hearts. I also came back to apologize to anyone I hurt in the past. I never meant to hurt anyone, I want to start over and have a clean slate. I also hope there's more Total Drama on the way, I've been getting back into it lately.

    Yes, I have seen the Ridonculous Race and yes I did love it. ^^

    So yeah that's it, I really really want to reconnect with my friends on here again. :)

    So yeah, …

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  • LandryC

    Hey everyone Landry here, I know it's funny hearing from me what with my usual long hiatuses from this place. Well, some of you might not like this but (if some of remember me at all) I typically become active during the new season and than disappear. I decided it was best for me to finally move on from this place, though I'll miss all the friends I made. I felt that I can finally move on from this place and focus on real life stuff and other fandoms I'm more active in. I've been a part of this wiki since 2008 and I've been avoiding (or at least trying to avoid) some of the drama.

    Over the years I have made some great friends and some not so great enimies with people here. To everyone here, thank you for putting up with my random and crazy …

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  • LandryC!_(in_my_opinion)_(numbers_20-11)

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  • LandryC

    Hey hey hey it's Sunday and you know what that means! It means that I don't have work today! :D

    So here are numbers 20-11:

    The awesomely friendly party guy is at number 20 on the list. The reason why I think he's awesome is because he was never a clear threat. He only became one when they were down to the final 6 in TDI. He may have declined after his elimination in season two. But as an Aftermath host he has some major staying power if he choses to return.

    He's a momma's boy, a bit of a crybaby and he'd much rather give you a high five than harm you. He's a big guy with a bigger heart he also knew when he was being taken advantage of. He will also fight back if he feels threatened or of he's backed into a corner.

    You may not have loved her in…

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  • LandryC

    Yay for being sick! :D (I love sarcasm, don't you? :3) anyway this time around I'm counting down the best Total Drama episodes ever, in my opinion.

    So let's get started:

    This episode was amazing! Courtney gets shut up in this episode by Chris. Okay so the contestants must collect DNA from everyone in order to board the train. After Lindsay fails at getting any evidence Chris gets some Courtney. This episode is huge slap in the face to Courtney's ego. I can go on and on about how funny this episode was or how Lindsay chose to watch a movie with Duncan but I have nine other episodes to get through.

    Best song so far and ironically it was Cody who set off the musical number by building Team Amazon's boat to look like Gwen. Heather is mad and a ch…

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