Here's what I think.

Total Drama Island Winner: Gwen

Gwen had more of a plot in TDI than Owen, and while I do love the big guy to death, Gwen deserved it more, after having to battle through her feelings for Trent and rivalry with Heather.

Total Drama Action Winner: Duncan

Courtney and Duncan Back Together!
This one is less about Duncan deserving it more and about Beth deserving it less. Beth essentially just derped her way to the finale even more than Owen did, without really getting involved in anything besides Justin's plot.

Total Drama World Tour Winner: Heather

Yeah, no real surprise here. While Alejandro is my personal favorite villain, his ending is unbelieveably stupid.

Total Drama Revenge of the Island Winner: Cameron

Again, no real surprise. I don't exactly mind Lightning's ending, it's just that Cameron's feels so much more satisfying.

Total Drama All-Stars Winner: Zoey

Let's just say Zoey didn't wander around her head all season and hit an offensive button.

Total Drama Pahkitew Island Winner: Shawn

Totaldrama pahkitewisland clip 117 winningmoment shawn



  • ahem* Sorry about that. Anyway, Shawn and Sky both worked hard for their win, and while I don't think either of them deserve it less, I just think Shawn's ending is a small bit more satisfying.

Ridonculous Race Winners: Geoff and Brody

Surfers hug
While the Cadets did actually compete in the entire race, the Surfers backed out to let the Sisters and Best Friends stay for no reason except to be nice. And even after the Best Friends brought them back in their place, they offered to share the prize money with them, and even stuck to playing fair even when the Ice Dancers totalled their taxi. Call them noble, call them idiots, but I call them noble idiots.