Everyone has some. I have some. Here they are.

-Total Drama Revenge of the Island is better than Total Drama Action, and Total Drama World Tour is the best season.

-I'd actually like to see Leonard and Beardo return and get some development.

-MacArthur is kind of annoying.

-I prefer Total Drama Pahkitew Island over Total Drama Island.

-Total Drama Action probably should have been 13 episodes long.

-Dave is the absolute most-unlikeable character in the series.

-I'd also like to see Amy and Samey return.

-Alejandro and Scott were actually okay in All-Stars.

-I actually like the Rockers.

-I don't like Duncney, Gwent, OR Gwuncan.

-The best episode from each season is Hook Line and Screamer, Celebrity Manhunt's TDA Reunion Special, Planes Trains and Hot Air Mobiles, Brain Vs Brawn: the Ultimate Showdown, Suckers Punched, Scarlett Fever, and Hello and Dubai.

Feel free to comment your own unpopular opinions/hatred for my own opinions!

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