There's been a lot of debate over who the strongest player in TD History is, but I'm here to give you clear answers... using a mathematical equation.

For this analysis, I'll be averaging out a contestant's rankings in each of their seasons, represented as a fraction (numerator: their ranking that season, denominator: number of contestants that season). Then I will multiply that average by 10, then round to the nearest first decimal place. Finalists and double eliminations will be represented as the midpoint between the two ranks.

Take Gwen for example. She ranked as a finalist in TDI, 12th in TDA, 9th in TDWT, and 4th in TDAS. So, her equation would be as follows:



0.41347402597 X 10 (and rounded) = 4.1 = Gwen's score.

I have done this for all 52 Total Drama contestants. No, it was not fun.

Also, I'll be divinding the cast up into four classes depending on how many seasons they competed in. The Gold Class is four seasons, the Silver Class is three seasons, the Bronze Class is two seasons, and the Class of Shame is one season. Without further ado, here are the scores of the contestants (lower score = stronger competitor)

Gold Class

Courtney: 4.0
Duncan: 2.8
Gwen: 4.1
Heather: 3.8
Lindsay: 6.5

Silver Class

Bridgette: 7.7
DJ: 5.9
Harold: 6.2
Izzy: 5.7
Leshawna: 5.3
Owen: 2.4

Bronze Class

Alejandro: 2.6
Beth: 4.1
Cameron: 3.1
Cody: 4.7
Ezekiel: 10.0
Geoff: 6.2
Jo: 6.2
Justin: 6.9
Lightning: 5.2
Mike: 5.7
Noah: 7.8
Sam: 7.4
Scott: 2.6
Sierra: 4.3
Trent: 6.8
Tyler: 6.9
Zoey: 1.7

Class of Shame

Amy: 7.5
Anne Maria: 6.5
B: 9.2
Beardo: 10.0
Blaineley: 3.6
Brick: 6.5
Dakota: 5.4
Dave: 5.0
Dawn: 8.5
Ella: 6.4
Eva: 5.5
Jasmine: 2.9
Katie: 8.6
Leonard: 9.3
Max: 3.9
Rodney: 8.6
Sadie: 6.8
Samey: 7.5
Scarlett: 3.9
Shawn: 1.1
Sky: 1.1
Staci: 10.0
Sugar: 2.1
Topher: 5.7


Top 5 (Gold Class)

5: Lindsay
4: Gwen
3: Courtney
2: Heather
1: Duncan

Top 5 (Silver Class)

5: Harold
4: DJ
3: Izzy
2: Leshawna
1: Owen

Top 5 (Bronze Class)

5: Sierra
4: Cameron
3: Alejandro
2: Scott
1: Zoey

Top 5 (Class of Shame, Minus Pahkitew Island)

5: Sadie
4: Anne Maria/Brick
3: Eva
2: Dakota
1: Blaineley


If we're looking at the highest score with no regard to class, then Sky and Shawn tie for first with a score of 1.1. Zoey and Owen are also extremely strong players, both making the final 3 twice, although Owen did also place 8th in World Tour. But if we look at the Gold Class as the default strongest class, then Duncan wins the title of strongest Total Drama contestant with a score of 2.8 across 4 seasons.

So, mathematically, the strongest Total Drama contestant is Duncan.

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