Okay, so this is what I think the future seasons of TD will be. Legit.

Season 5 - Total Drama: Revenge of the Action!

In this season, the original cast of 13 from season 4 will once again return, with an addition of four new contestants. The premise is once again the abondoned film lot from season 2. The season will air in early 2013. Halfway through the season, Chris will be fired and replaced by Blaineley, but later returns to his position after she meets her downfall.

Season 6 - Total Drama: Revenge of the World Tour

In this season, once again the 16 castmates from season 5 return, minus one. The premise takes place aboard the jumbo jet from season 3. This season will air in late 2013.

Season 7 - Total Drama Reloaded

The scrapped name for season 4 is used again, this time officially for season 7, the final season. The theme is heroes versus villains, and all the contestants who have ever competed return. This epic season will air in 2015.

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