So yeah, this is my first blog post, and considering I'm new here, I don't know much about the rules and guidelines, so if this post is somehow bad, feel free to give me a warning.

Anyway, back to the topic. There are a lot of character interactions in Total Drama and many of them range from Great to Meh to Bad. But, what character interactions do you think you would love to see in the future? For me, I would choose some of these:

1. Noah and Lindsay: Two characters almost completely opposite in personalities. Noah is the sarcastic, cynical and intelligent one while Lindsay is the dumb, naive and clueless one. Despite having very few interactions, I loved their interactions in TDI, like in Dodgebrawl and in Haute Camp-ture. Plus, I am a fan of both of them, and both are hilarious!

2. Alejandro and Justin: These two guys are almost completely similar in personality, with Justin being a less successful version of Alejandro. They both are vain, manipulative (Alejandro to a greater extent, however), handsome and use their looks to get themselves further into the game. I would definetly see a feud between these two if both are added in the same season.

3. Eva and Jo: Jo is basically a combination of Heather's bossiness and manipulative tendencies; and Eva's short temper and strength combined. We got to see Heather and Jo's interaction in All-Stars and how decent it turned out to be (despite the fact that All-Stars sucked), but it would be more interesting to see two female jocks with high ruthlessness interact with each other than seeing two bossy competitors interact (we had Courtney and Heather too, you know).

And by the way, I could have added Gwen and Noah, considering their similarities, if Gwen didn't turn bad after All-Stars and be mostly like her TDI self.

And yes, I know, the character interactions I said were focused mostly on similarities and differences in personalities, but you can leave a comment and state which character interactions you would love to see.

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