Hey guys, just wanted to talk about something that's been bothering me.

Ever since ROTI, there had been a lack of TDI and TDA references. World Tour is excluded from this, because there were actually moments where TDI and TDA moments were mentioned (eg: Chris mocking Lindsay's elimination in TDA, Heather caring about Sierra after she went bald). But after Revenge Of The Island showed up, there were only references from World Tour and nothing else. Sure, we get some few references, such as Gwen's claustrophobia continuing in ROTI and Duncan mentioning his time in juvie in All-Stars (though the season was horrible), but I am talking about actually mentioning moments from previous seasons (just a non-official example: Noah: When I first saw Owen when he came to TDI, I thought he would be cool, until he turned out to be a happy sulphur bomb).

This actually bothers me because I feel like they mess up their own continuity at times, which eventually leads to some errors (eg: how Noah reacted when Ennui ate the eyeball in RR, in the Skatoony episode he's featured in, he's more like 'Yuck, at least that's not the worst thing I've seen', those who've watched it can understand, despite the show not being TD-related).

So what exactly are your thoughts about this issue? Have the producers forgot about it, or are they not mentioning it anymore? Let me see in the comments.

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