This is an idea I just had to solve all the conflicts and hate roaming around TDAS:a sequel! Yes,a sequel.Of 26 episodes as the dear times of TD,of course.A sequel planned to give a sense to all the discussed events happened in All Stars,above all the entire rushed rise and fall of Mal.I hope to not be blamed for my attempt to bring back this character as a deeper and more conniving villain and choicing a cast a little different from the original one,that also includes some newest characters.


Host:Chris Mc Lean and Chef Hatchet,as usual.


Heroic Hamstars:Mike,Zoey,Gwen,Owen,Cameron,Izzy,Dawn,Jasmine,Sammy and Brick. Villain Vipers:Alejandro,Heather,Jo,Scarlett,Max,Scott,Courtney,Lightening,Sugar and Justin.


A Wawanakwa merged directly from the sea..wait,how this was possible?You'll discover it a day.


Chris decided to organize a second season of All Stars after having received a mysterious suggestion from an anonymous guy.He was able to set back Wawankakwa in somewhat way and formed a new cast of All Stars.While the other contestants are basically focused on the competition,Mike will be focused more on the doubt about a possible hidden return of his dark side..and that's just the beginning.


For "basic role" I mean a short introduction of the plot that would be around any of the characters.

Justin=the deadload of the villains,but not a complete filler.My idea is to mark the main difference between him and Al.Justin will try to use his flirting powers on the girls of his team,especially Courtney (again) and Heather:this will underline that while Justin is unable to know the true love,eviler villains like Al and Scott actually were able to know this important lesson.Why all this negativeness about Justin?Because he represents the superficial idol of teen agers.Nothing more than a merchandise creature.

Lightnening:another deadload cause of his stupidity.I really don't know how to make him different from a filler,maybe as a temporary minion of Max?BTW,sure one of the first eliminated.

Jo:a role similar to TDROTI,bossing all around the more she can.Because their same competitiveness,I think that Jo vs Courtney could be a great match at least in a episode.

Sugar:I can see her as a volountary minion of Max,but mostly as a comic relief duo.Sugar would risk many eliminations but due to her particular "luck" or skill she will often skive the boot.Sugar and Owen will be also friends and rivals in food challenges,oddly addicted one by the other,litting so some jealousy in Izzy.(Why not?Izzy deserves LOT of development more than any other)

Max:as Gwen felt uneasy in the Villain Vultures,Max,after some first enthusiasm will felt the same being surrounded by real villains,that looks at him just as a baby "who plays to be bad",especially compared to Heather,Alejandro,Jo and Scarlett,being able only to recruit useless minions like Lightening and Sugar.This will make him spliced between the desire of being the same bad as them only to realize this won't ever happen,or being scared this to happen at the end,and the progressive consciousness to be more heroic than villainous,for example remembering he was the MAIN REASON of Scarlett's fall in TDPI,and was also the MAIN REASON that ruined her previous plans all the time. Max and Mike/Mal will be twisted at certain point,being voted off from their respective teams as respectively "not true villain" and "not true hero".Once between the goods,Max will slowly learn to be good,helped but also frightened by Dawn,Sammy,Gwen and Jasmine.

Scarlett:while none suspects of the return of Mal inside Mike's head,everyone suspects of the return of Scarlett.In TDPI she revealed to the entire world to be a complete sociopath that aims to conquer the world,after all.(And I can imagine she got immediately carried to a mandatory and stayed there for a bit XD)This will force Scarlett to redo her strategy,at the point to strive to appear as the hero wrongly put in a villainous theme (so an opposite situation to Max),maybe arriving to use all the chitchats about her couple with Max to grow the trust on her,flirting with Max and posing to be completely redeemed.But interiorerly she's even worse than we remembered,and her snaps of fury and revenge will be evident in the confessionals mostly as a comic gag.In addiction,when Mike will change team,Scarlett (along with Dawn and Izzy) will be the first and only one to suspects that Mal is inside him.This obviously leads to an huge rivalry Mal vs Scarlett with the poor Mike blackmailed by her for no personal consequences.So,Mal and Scarlett are the main villains of this season,and they'll bite each others for the throne.

Scott:Scott is basically planned to be the miserable doormat of the Vipers,receiving the same amount of infortunes and humiliations of Tyler and Brick in the previous seasons,so the role he had in TDAS.This doesn't prevent him from development:since his return,Scott will be exploited and bossed by Courtney in general and Jo during the challenges,with only Scarlett(due to the need to redeem her image) treating him with respect.The Hamstars occasionally show some empathy for him,too,especially Sammy that lived a similar situation.Supported by Scarlett,and secretely having befriended with Sammy,Scott will rebel to Courtney but cause the elimination of Jo in place of her due to have still some feelings.After this,he will put Courtney in the huge choice between become his girlfriend or just his boss.Because he didn't follow exactly her indications,Scarlett will cause the elimination of Courtney for revenge.

Cameron:filler used to underline the first effective hint of Mal's return.

Brick:due to the similar loyal and sensible nature,he'll be immediately a friend of Sammy:unfortunately he'll get eliminated soon for medical reasons.Thanks to his huge sense of honor,he'll save Sammy from a certain bad end,during one of the first moment of evilness showed from Mike.

Owen:a comic relief filler for the Hamstars.Sugar will cause his elimination,maybe.

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