Total Drama World Tour was an awesome season, not the best ever,but surely EPIC even compared to the perfect Total Drama Island..unfortunately some events prevented this season,in my opinion, from reaching the top of the rank, and it's actually a pity because if there was a season able to overwhelm TDI, this could have been only World Tour! By the way,let's start with my personal dreamie version of TDWT...


  • Team Amazon isn't so invincible as in the original.
  • Duncan doesn't quit immediately but doesn't return or merge,too.
  • The entire DCG Love Triangle has a less important role despite the original.
  • Blaineley doesn't debut,Izzy returns in her place in another way and episode than canon.
  • Duncan is placed in Team Victory while Ezekiel in Team Amazon.
  • I won't talk about the Aftermaths episodes,leaving them as canon.
  • Some challenges could be changed or modified a little,especially in the merge episodes.
  • Also some episodes maybe change their number.(ex:I switched ep 8 and 9)


Ep 1 and 2 :"Walk Like an Egyptian I,II"

  • Challenge:as canon.
  • Winners:Team Victory
  • Losers:Team Amazon
  • Bottom 2:Sierra and Zeke

After having all escaped from the pyramid,the 3 Teams are formed and Duncan reluctantly is placed in the Team Victory on Chris's decision,while Zeke is placed in the Amazon by a reluctant Chris.Zeke also ruins the "It's loving time" musical as in canon.

During the middle part of the challenge Ezekiel starts bragging around he's going to win with no doubt, while the girls obviously laugh and mock him for this absurdity.Also there are some attempts of Cody to flirt with Gwen now she's alone... In the meanwhile Duncan is annoyed by Harold's blabbering in Egyptian language and similar,but eventually Team Victory reaches the Nile for first,immediately followed by the Team Chris is Really Hot,and at the end Team Amazon arrives too. Sierra and Izzy switches team and Sierra's weaving skill makes Team Amazon able to be the first to accomplish the building of the boat.

Harold arranges in hurry a boat too,leaving Team Chris is Really Hot as last to navigate on the Nile,with Alejandro leading the group and Izzy talking with the goat. During the "It's loving time" 2nd part of the song,Ezekiel lost a oar,and Team Victory's boat has a hole in the middle,so the males decide to get in the water and push the boat,also because the other teams are head to head.The victory seems clear for the Amazon,but DJ's malediction makes him suddenly bitten by a crocodile,and he swims so fast to push in first place the boat:Team Victory wins!The Team of Alejandro arrives soon after,and the loser are Amazons.

The fault is mostly of Ezekiel as canon,but in this case he doesn't admit it,and,while Sierra could easily be used as a scapegoat,instead says that "It's because the girls were so weak to not use properly oars if we ended up to be so slow", gaining the hate of all of them.The first nomination saw Sierra (voted by Cody and Zeke) and Zeke in the bottom 2,and of course Zeke gets the Fall of Shame. But he's able to hang on and hide inside the vent.

Ep 3:"Super Happy Crazy Fun Time Japan"

  • Challenge:flipper as canon with slight extra features,japanese spot as canon.
  • Winners:Team Amazon
  • Losers:Team Victory
  • Bottom 2:Harold and DJ

During the travel for Japan,Izzy says she heard all the night some strange sounds coming from the vent,and actually she's still hearing them, so Noah does the (sarcastic) hypothesis that "Ezekiel is still on the plane" causing a general massive laughter. About the Amazon,Sierra inhales Cody's shoe as in canon. In the meanwhile in the first class DJ is unable to relax starting to rummage about his malediction while Duncan would like to invite Gwen or Courtney but he's afraid the one eventually excluded could get really angry on him.Lindsay asks where is Tyler.

The plane stops the flight above Tokyo,and everyone is pushed randomly out of the plane:Team Chris is Reaaaally Hot lands in a sushi conveyor belt house,and while Alejandro is able to land perfectly on a seat next to a pretty girl he makes to faint with a single blink,Noah is crushed and flattened by Owen between the fishes,and Izzy asks in joke for a "shrimp sushi" being corrected by Noah with "dub sushi";Team Victory lands in the giant rice bowl as canon while Team Amazon ends up in a tamagothci shop,where Sierra wishes for a Tamacodchi , frightening Cody a lot.

When everyone is ready, Chris announces the first Japanese challenge:a flipper.The rules are that each team has three lives (balls) to gain the major point of scores,and some contestants are put inside them with a ting ting panda,while the others lead the flipper commands.

  • Noah tells he's allergic to panda and prefers to play the flipper,being expert of arcade and videogames in general,so Tyler,Izzy and Alejandro offer to be inside the balls.Owen will help Noah with the flipper.
  • Team Amazon decides for Sierra and Cody (but in separate balls) plus a very very reluctant Heather.So Courtney and Gwen play the flipper.
  • Team Victory has Duncan and Lindsay as players and DJ,Leshawna and Harold as balls.

Shortening what happens during the challenge,the main events are:

  • Team Chris is Really Hot:Alejandro tames easily the tsing tsing panda while both Tyler and Izzy have their problems,however Noah is able to earn many scores in the game,even if Tyler's ball bounces away in the sky for an accident.
  • Team Victory:DJ lives the same painful experience as canon,while Harold is tormented by Duncan..
  • Team Amazon:Courtney and Gwen can't resist to get revenge on Heather and make her ball to bounce in every painful way possible,much for Heather's dismay!This brings low scores for their team,but when it's Cody's turn,and he's eventually risking to fall in the pit,Sierra saves him and then seeks him along all the flipper,causing Cody to unawarely score all the points until the flipper goes tilt!

Amazons win the first challenge of the day,but during the second as in canon they seems unable to have an idea,until... (basically the rest of the episode goes in the same way of the original TDWT) At the nomination ceremony Harold quits and Leshawna thinks was all Duncan's fault.Ignoring the truth about Alejandro.

Ep 4:"Anything Yukon Do,I can do it Better"

I'd change nothing about this episode,so it stays identical as canon,and Bridgette is eliminated.

Ep 5:"Broadway Baby"

Basically same as canon,as the previous one.Maybe with some more gags involving Izzy,Tyler and Lindsay.

Ep 7:"Slap Slap Revolution"

  • Winners:Team Amazon
  • Losers:Team Victory
  • Bottom 2:Duncan and Leshawna

Ep 8:"Can't Help falling in Louvre"

  • Winners:Team Chris is Really Hot
  • Losers:Team Victory,but this is a reward challenge.

Ep 9:"Ahmazon Race"

  • Winners:Team Victory
  • Losers:Team Amazon
  • Bottom 2:Heather and Gwen
  • Plot Device:Duncan quits escaping in the jungle to save Gwen from an assured nomination (a fake information given by Alejandro).

Ep 10:"Newf kids on the rock"

  • Winners:Team Chris is Really Hot
  • Losers:Amazons
  • Bottom 2:Courtney and Gwen

(continues,this will be a progressive work..)

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