Ridoncolous Race 52 KF way

All the 26 Teams

What do you think it would be a RR season with all the 52 characters competing? These are the couples I'd create:

  • The Opposites: Noah & Izzy (reason:high IQ for them but used in different ways,and as the former is calm,lazy,sarcastic and mentally sane,but physically weak,the latter is hyperkinetic,optimist,sarcasm blind and totally insane,also physically skilled)
  • The Antagonists: Alejandro & Heather (reason:hystorical villains of Total Drama)
  • The Bubblegums: Katie & Sadie (reason:their clothes)
  • The McLeanClones: Blaineley & Topher (reason:both are aspirants hosts)
  • The Normals (Not so much)/The Brokenhearts: Dave & Trent (reason:need to explain,really?)
  • The Jokers: Max & Scott (reason:both are funny painmagnet dumb villains,so "jokers")
  • The Fairies: Dawn & Ella (reason:Dawn looks like an elf that cares for nature and reads auras,Ella looks like a fairytale princess that cares for animals and others)
  • The Tanks: Brick & Jo (reason:cadet Brick and sergent Jo)
  • The Smoochers: Geoff & Bridgette
  • The Double B: Beardo & Silent B (reason:mostly silent and with a B starting their names)
  • The Gamefreaks: Sam & Leonard (reason:the first nerd think that life is a videogame,the second a roleplay)
  • The Stalkers: Cody & Sierra (reason:Cody was this to Gwen in TDI,while Sierra..self explanatory)
  • The Monsters: Dakota & Zeke (reason:they were both mutated and saught for revenge on Chris for this)
  • The Olympians: Sky & Zoey (reason:born athletes)
  • The Cougars/The Realityejects: Anne Maria & Sugar (reason:despite being not the most beautiful girls they strongly believe to be and flirt around,also they're both rude and with attitude)
  • The Show-offs: Justin & Lightning
  • The Hopeless: Rodney & Staci (reason:they have no brain and are only running gags)
  • The Shadowsides/The Sombers: Mike & Scarlett (reason:both have an hidden dark side that aims to conquer the world,and they're the two faces of the EVIL:irrational force as Mal and calculated strategy as Scar)
  • The Shaggies: Harold & Shawn (reason:they're both considered a parody of Shaggy,also they're enough clever and full of quirky unexpected talents)
  • The Nerds: Beth & Cameron
  • The Birdbrains/Where-is-Tyler?: Lindsay & Tyler
  • The Unsympathetics : Amy & Eva (reason:IMO they were both intended to be hated by the audience and be the first girls eliminated in their debuting seasons)
  • The Family: DJ & Leshawna reason: (DJ is a mommy boy while Leshawna is called Big Momma)
  • The Siblings: Jasmine & Samey (reason: Jasmine acted all the time like a step bigsister for Samey)
  • The Separated: Courtney & Duncan (reason: first couple to break up and still acts like this)
  • The Protagonists: Gwen & Owen (reason: first hystorical winners of Total Drama Island!)

Auff..finished,I used all the 52 contestants striving to create a perfect duo for each one without leaving characters impossible to be matched.

Possible Mergers:

  • The Opposites:Amazing Race is a show where actually you need as brain as talent.They complete and fix each Others:Izzy is a powerhouse of surviving while Noah can solve riddles in easy.
  • The Antagonists:Judging by their performance in TDWT they're meant for this kind of reality..however their kind of strategy is a little less effective in a show similar to AR.They can't backstab anyone by alone.
  • The Fairies:their kindness and ability to communicate with people and animals are a ticket for RR as I understood they planned it to be.(They probably would be Don's favourites)
  • The Tanks:typical couple that breaks physically any obstacle on his way,and unlike other jocks there's at leas a brain and some organization thanks to Jo.
  • The Stalkers:thanks mostly to Sierra..
  • The Monsters:arguably mergers.Afterall we're still talking about Ezekiel and Dakota,not the best performer in TD world.It would be interesting to see a (finally) healed Zeke dealing with Dakotazoid and supporting her for her aspect.
  • The Olympians:one of the favourite team of the season,on chart.However they lack of high strategy,would be generic contestants and are easily guillible,especially Zoey.
  • The Sombers:probably with a tactic of clear face,hidden evil they can do many damages:Mal hides behind Mike as Scarlett assumes to have been cured from her psychotic side.
  • The Shaggies:they're a mixed couple of talents as quirky as useful in particular reality shows like RR,probably other favourites.
  • The Nerds:underestimated by the other teams,but able to survive thanks of intelligence and determination.
  • The Siblings:Jasmine is an adventurer,nuff said.
  • The Separated:despite lacking of harmony,they're a powerful duo.
  • The Protagonists

Maybe I should write down this in a series?XD

I decided to purpose alternatives having read some doubts about some choices involving mostly Courtney,Sky,Gwen,Mike,Zoey,Duncan,Owen and Scarlett,but each alternative seems to have at least one flaw about a character:

Alternative 1

  • The Reckless/The Achievers: Courtney & Sky reason:both showed to have no shame to ditch their same boyfriends in order to reach the victory (Courtney did this in the TDI finale to Duncan,while Sky did the same with Dave)
  • The Lovebirds: Mike & Zoey (considering TDAS as never existed)
  • The Writerpets: Owen & Duncan (purposed by Tamoti)
  • The Oni: Gwen & Scarlett (reason:for definition of Oni search on Tv Tropes,Gwen is the Blue Oni as Scarlett is the Red Oni)

Clearly the flaw in this first alternative is the role of Gwen..she never interacted with Scarlett,and they're really different.However this seems to be the best of the four I found.

Alternative 2

  • The Alphagirls: Courtney & Scarlett (purposed by Tamoti)
  • The Lovebirds: Mike & Zoey
  • The Writerpets:Owen & Duncan
  • The Heartbreakers: Gwen & Sky

The main flaws are obvious teams that risk to be boring (Lovebird,Pets,HBKers) and one pair that could be hard to match properly.Also staying with Scarlett would never give Courtney a positive development.

Alternative 3

  • The Loners: Zoey & Gwen
  • The Jailbirds: Duncan & Mike
  • The Alphagirls: same
  • The Protagonists: Owen & Sky

Big hazard on each pair:flat Zoey with brilliant ex-winner Gwen,derailed Duncan with Mal and Owen and Sky is pretty self explanatory.I already said my opinion about Alphas.

Alternative 4

  • The Frenemies: Courtney & Gwen (if you want a TDAS copycat,here we go)
  • The Writerpets: Owen & Duncan
  • The Lovebirds : Mike & Zoey
  • The Hypocrites/Double S: Sky and Scarlett

Suicidal alternative this:each one of them would be impossible to bear to the merge (Courtney and Gwen,just think about how annoying they were in TDAS..) and Sky and Scarlett would never collaborate in a believable way.


Possible couples of non official contestants:

  • The Mutants: Fang the Shark & Larry the Plant
  • The Interns: Billy & Josh
  • The Inanimated: Mr Coconut and Dave's shoe
  • The Beasts: Bruno the Bear and Yeti Awanakwa
  • The Cuties: Bunny & a Squirrel
  • The Cursed/DJslayers: TDWT Tzing-Tzing Panda & the Yukon Ott
  • The Nooks: Mr Whiskers (Beth Raccoon) and Brittany (Courtney & Duncan raccoon)
  • The Hosts:Chris & Chef

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