This blog is about my personal vision of which characters of the whole cast of 52 should get "an entire season" as never before in which shine and develop, providing for more interesting stories than redundant triangles (DCG,MAZ,DES) and giving us less generic kind of contestants to root for (Zoey and Sky were both obvious finalists,had the same an hard love story that a certain point risked to become a triangle and shared similar charateristiques) for the future.Of course previous winners will be automatically excluded by this, same for pure fodders like Zeke,Staci,Rodney,Leonard and Beardo. P.S:the following characters were chose only for the fact of being original and new type of protagonist,not for their true objective possibilities to win a season.

1st Generation

Out of hopeless fodders like Katie and Sadie,this generation has few character that still,after 5 seasons, wait for a true chance,while others were simply stolen of this or were replaced better by 2nd or 3rd gen (ex:Eva was bested by Jo).

Noah Snark

A Snarky protagonist:doesn't seriously believe to get further than usual but instead arrive to a finale trusting more his personal values.

  • Noah:Both Beth and Cameron were nerdy winners,but they were actually similar in the behaviour,friendly and nice towards everyone,even enemies,the only difference was that Cameron is a Genius while Beth is just a goofy nerd.Harold was close to become the same,but his occasion was wasted in TDA.What if a sarcastic pessimist nerd would decide to shine in a season?Noah would fit the clothes of a new main character that starts basically skeptical of his possibilities,barely trusts people and tends to be laidback and easy-quitter..but thanks to his brains he could change opinion and actually discover his values.Also he has lot of suspended interactions from TDWT with Izzy,Owen,Tyler and Alejandro and many possible ones with the new ones,such as Jo,Dawn,Ella..

  • Lindsay:the only dumb character we had the (dis)pleasure to see in a finale was the worst floater ever seen,Lightning,while Lindsay showed many times her possibility to be an awesome protagonist and at contemporary be able to entertain us so much,showing not to be a comic relief but a complete whole character (just ignore her TDAS performance).Considering she still has two rivals she should avenge of,like Heather and Courtney,and the fact she interacted with almost all the 1st gen characters,then you have a future winner just on the silver plate.A complete opposite to previous winners as Gwen (goth pessimist girl),Heather (clever queen bee),Zoey (generic girl) and Sky (athelete).
  • Tyler:maybe in a subverted situation.such as Lindsay is eliminated way before him,and he has to get over and promise her to become a winner.Tyler is unfortunately a poor character,but TDWT left an open door to him in "Anything Yukon do,I can do it better":Tyler was always an underrated contestant,considered less popular even than Ezekiel (xd),and basically foreshadowed by his girlfriend popularity...what if he unexpectedly reaches a finale,counting only on his determination and optimism?In quite an opposite situation of Noah,then.

  • Izzy:she has the physical skills,the brain (if properly used and above all as Brainzilla),the istinct of the tiger,the necessary wild spirit to approach to a reality,the strength to beat Chef Hatchet,the capacity to entertain and an unstoppable eagerness and courage in front of the danger:just give her a plot and development,and you'll obtain a powerhouse unique finalist!Above all after you gave a crazy zombophobic male this chance..Shawn.She's an open source free for any kind of use,the writers just have to find the courage to use her.

2nd Generation

  • Dawn:another mysterious character that should be focused more in the future,another interesting kind of protagonist being kind yet spooky,able to make predictions,and..sure,that's lot more to know about her.
  • Jo:like Eva but without the redundant anger management issues and the generally angry look.Jo's debut was brilliant:first jock girl able to lead a team until the end,providing for efficient jokes and situations.Jo would be seriously an interesting finalist due to her competitive and reckless attitude towards every challenge and being far from the "pretty girl model" as Zoey and Sky,different also from Beth,Heather and Gwen.Her interactions are basically all open doors,and I can see many others with 1st and 3rd gen characters never seen till now...she wouldn't be mentioned in this post if she would have been finalist of S4 as she deserved at all,clearly.
Scott's last mark

A Jerk/Doormat Protagonist:simply a new Duncan to root for or another goof unlucky painmagnet as Tyler.

  • Scott:we basically saw two different Scotts so far:the team killer villain in S4,and the dumb villain doormat in TDAS.Who's the real Scott,then?Sincerely I hope he won't ever become a protagonist,because he would be too similar too Duncan (a farm and dumber delinquent ex-villain arguably redeemed in search of his hidden heart of gold..),and the confirm was to see his couple with Courtney.
  • Brick:same as Tyler's chance,in military contest.It would be an interesting protagonist,but how is really far from my knowledge.

3rd Generation


A Woobie Protagonist:a shy,tender,underestimated girl that unleashed herself for the first time from her bossy sister.The perfect woobie you feel the duty to root for.Possible expy of Lindsay (dumb blonde previously victim of a queen be)or S$ Zoey/Gwen (not skilled in social business,unwanted loner usually mocked or ignored by the mass)

  • Samey:basically the future Lindsay,shyer and cleverer.She has plenty of potential that should just be discovered in a whole season for her.She's probably be an innocent actually normal and pretty girl unsure of her chances that thanks to her character development reaches the finale.Differently from Zoey and Sky,her arrive to the finale would be everything than obvious and easy,differently from Heather wouldn't depend on a scheme,differently from Beth wouldn't be boring.

A Fairy Princess Protagonist:a so kind,sweet and overcaring person that doesn't even consider the existence of EVIL in this oddball original winner,sure the most moral example ever seen in a reality show.

  • Ella:her plot would have the same traits of a beautiful tale,just chose between the various archetypes:Cinderella,as to say "a dream that comes true,after many humiliations and sufferance";Snowhite, everything perfect until...big trouble and then happy end,completed with an azure princess (Dave?)..exc.However I don't think seriously at her as a finalist.Shortening,she could be an alternative oddball girl winner to Izzy.

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