In every cartoon there are characters that usually conquer us for their quirks and spicy particular off board personalities while others that are way too normal to impress us,and are usually meant just to underline the difference between a crazy and a normal or something similar... Total Drama doesn't represent certainly an exception!Every season has some characters able to entertain us for their personality and others just planned to stay always the same,pointing at a sort of standard personality,normal behavior,that makes them surely more realistic than the others.But they also can appear more boring to the audience or just place in a no hate no love position,a middle place.JUST TO AVOID COMPLAINTS,THIS BLOG IS MAINLY BASED ON MY PERSONAL OPINION. A Normal Char usually can follow three different roles:

1)Deuteragonist:especially when the protagonist is a crazy (think at Shawn) the role the normal one assumes is to be the 2nd in command,a supporter against the enemies,a friend to count one,and above all the one with more sense overall.Main examples of this category are Jasmine and Leshawna:Jasmine gave to Shawn some depth over the zombophoby craziness,providing for a couple and for an involving somewhat dramatic somewhat comic plot for him;Leshawna supported Gwen from the start of TDI acting like a Big Sis and above all a guardian angel that provided in many occasions to give Heather the Karma she deserved for all the evil committed against Gwen.
Heather and Leshawna

The Main Deuteragonist again vs The Main Antagonist,while in the background we have the Main Villain Deuteragonist and the Main Protagonist

Deuteragonists are usually the best type of normal chars,because they actually have a personality and they aren't based entirely on the protagonist's shoulders,despite I can say that Leshawna was forgettable once she ended her role and was no more the supporter of the Loner.

2)Just Normal:100% normality can be found in some characters and Bridgette is the main example.A "Just Normal" is intended to stay the same always and is adapted to any situation.It's just meant to act the more realistically possible,be the average contestant,that rarely gains a relevant quirk or moment.He or She is a completely middle or background character that even if in love,in difficulty,in joy,in desperation,exc...stays average,exagerating never.Bridgette,Geoff and Beth are just normal,being able to be always themselves even when crazy.The main problem with this category is that is risky to make them to get so far because they are naturally so normal to appear boring.TDA is the only season that made a J.N. to merge,and in my opinion was a forgettable idea.

Heather,Courtney and Bridgette:the first is an adder,the 2nd a bossy leader and the third is just a normal girl.

Some J.N. can assume also the gimmick of "The Normal between Fools" as Bridgette did when she entered in the Girl Team or Noah is when surrounded by friends as Izzy,Eva and Owen.Dave did this only in the first four episodes,before entering in another category very different!

3)"Blandy"/Plot Depender:the third category is surely the worst kind of normality,because it depends mainly by the laziness/incapacity of writers to give a proper characterization to a char,then they decide or to base him/her entirely on a specific plot,for example a couple (Trent and Zoey are surely main examples)or to just make them pure fillers that sometimes got more screen time they deserved (Lightning and DJ for ex).
Commando Zoey Confessional

Zoey,a perfect example of Plot Depender:even Kommando Zoey was part of the plot and not of her original personality.

A "Plot Depender" is utterly empty inside,a character that finds a reason to exist only for a plot,out of that he/she's unable to offer entertain or at least stay by itself.P.D. are usually matter of couple (or slave of the couple),a common device to hide their null core,and they're paired with more characterized ones:Gwen (main) and Trent (slave),Mike (main in TDROTI) and Zoey (slave),Lindsay (main) and Tyler (slave,but not so bland afterall),Cody and Sierra (both slaves of each other)exc. Plot Dependers are sure the worst ones ever created,because they're very useless and forgettable once separated from their plots.Recently the majority of overused chars became plot depending,just take a look at Duncan,whose original personality isn't no more distinguished from his various relations with Courtney and Gwen.

A "Blandy" is a character that even if he has a characterization sounds very hard to be a fan of it,because offers few drama.DJ is the I generation blandy,that was hidden all the time during TDI by supporter friends like Geoff and Duncan,and once by himself he revealed to be very boring,and the writers were obviously forced to find a new plot for him and underline more his few relevant details such as the cowardly nature and the love for the animals...with the result to twist him in TDA and TDWT into an annoying middle-char.Usually a possible destiny for a blandy.Some blandies can be riskfully forced to be more interesting and then wreck or become fillers,as happened to Lightening in TDAS. At the end we have PURE bland chars that have not even a plot to make em interesting,and no matter how many attempt you do,you'll never save them. Justin,DJ,Sam,Rodney,Leonard,Zeke,Blaineley,Dakota,Dave and Anne Maria are the main blandies IMO.The writers infact attempted to give them a plot and a personality,but failed miserely:some were hated even more than before,some were utterly forgettable,some were a little better but not so much,some were wrecked.