Personally this is my rank for the 8 villains seen so far.(I refuse to mention about:Anne Maria,Amy,Jo and Lightning for obvious reasons)

8)Justin:the most boring and annoying antagounist ever that added more boredom to a season already wasted away from the start,unable to be considered the sequel of Total Drama Island,like TDA was.He was a pathetic schemer the entire time and the only reason he succeeded to eliminate Izzy was because the Killer Grips were all dumbed down (Beth too ingenuous,Lindsay...well,and Owen completely ruined),but then he received all he deserved once Courtney arrived.Justin passed more time in front of the mirror complaining than plotting or doing something Worth in the challenges:HE was the real reason of the losing streak of his team,not Owen.

7)Courtney:in my opinion a main villain is the rib of a reality,and to be this he/she has to be strategic,interesting,and above all entertaining.Courtney was just annoying,instead.The way she returned and won most of the challenges cheating by cheating (as her sharkdiaper partner) was no kind of interesting,and her entire plot revolved around getting Revenge on Duncan,then Lindsay,then Beth...yawn..but now let's arrive to TDAS.This season literally showed the true side of Courtney,that is a kind of evil very mischievous and shady,in contrast with the bright and brilliant tactics of Alejandro or Heather,based only on the unberable personality of Courtney,boasted and ipocrital.The way she mocked all the time the pityful Gwen,that really acted like a doormat towards her,and contemporary exploited her new "boyfriend" Scott was the last drop:I'll never respect her anymore,and this was the final proof that she's not a simple villain,but a bad person at all.

6)I disliked Sugar the entire time,even if I rarely considered her gags funny,she's the gross female version of Owen.As a villain she appeared to be more effective than the same Scarlett,causing 2 important eliminations.Anyways,she had no kind of tactic,just supported by her luck till the finale three.An Undeserved place 3.She's still better than the villain duo of TDA sure.

5)Scott was just the dumber clone of Duncan in farmer clothes and main villain role.Compared to Alejandro,he failed from the start with one of the most ridicolous tactic ever seen in a reality:sabotaging of his same team.Not only this strategy made him to risk the elimination in many occasions,but the way everytime he saved himself or solved the situation was just due of luck or a thug idea haven at the last minute (like B's mirror or Dawn's elimination).What so makes him to be number 5 of all the villains?The fact he caused Mike elimination with a simple,not so elaborated,but effective new strategy for him:blackmail.I really hated him in that episode,and that's what a villain has to do in first place:making hiself to be hated.BTW I felt pity for him in the finale,and TDAS redeemed him more,even if IMO he was just tylerized and no other interesting develop.Why he actually decided to become "good"?Cause of Fang's experience?Maybe.I’d like this would have been explained,but instead he was just used to fill the third place and create the Scourtney.

3-4)Scarlett and Mal are just two faces of the same (evil) medal:both were introduced and developped (and wasted) in the shortest seasons,and 13 episode was infact too few to orchestrate well them.Mal and Scarlett are parodies of two kind of evil:Mal is pure violence,a chaotic force unleashed from nothing all of sudden ready to destroy anything on his passage,while Scarlett is a slow,calculated,tempered strategist of evil,even if she's completeley insane.The first prefers to act,the second to think,so Mal's strategy was volountarly "poor" being intended to be the hidden untamed evil side of a good guy like Mike is,he has one real plot:win at all cost,destroying anyone on his passage,especially Mike. I personally liked the courage to create such a character,the first PURE VILLAIN in a reality,but in their place I would have managed things better,along with the choice of the cast and whatsover about TDAS,Mal was a scenographic villain,his actions seemed part of a B-Movie,and the way they tried to depict him all the time under this point of view was successfull.They failed cause of lack of space,forced to manage the rise and fall of Mal in only 13 episodes.No surprise most of the season was focused on Mal and Zoey only,and ruined the most used chars,and also wasted others:authors just had to do all in a short gap of time.That’s why Mal didn’t appear to the public an effective antagounist,but this happened also with Scott and Scarlett…no?13 episodes is the cursed number for TD,having done a season easily forgettable like TDROTI,a season very hated like TDAS,and a great season like Pahkitew short lived for the potential that had. Scarlett was managed in the opposite way,introduced as a very slow,hidden,coaxing,secret (Brainzilla styled) evil genius usually foreshadowed by her comic duo with Max,but the more the season progressed the more Scarlett started to reveal her nasty insane nature,succeeding to give me chills. Same as Mal,she got utterly fastly wasted at the end,being tricked too easily despite her awesome evil rip off at the middle part of the epic episode “Scarlett’s Fever”….this leads me to a curious question:if Scarlett was the cleverest of the cast at the point to dim down costantly her analyzisis and detailed speeches to be understood by her companions,how the heck she exchanged a promorobot for Chris?!IMO,this was out of her character,unless it was intended to underline that Scarlett’s insanity makes her too sure to suspect anything at that point.Mah.Actually Scarlett is at 4th place,Mal at 3rd.

-clue for number two:it’s one between Alejandro and Heather.Predictable?Well,they’re still the best villains of TD history.

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