It's a bit I don't put myself into the writing of a blog post, but, in order to sweep out of your mind some of the recent negativity that from targeting the scapegoat Mike now goes to complain for an early air of a show, I decided to do a blog where I explain which characters are (in my opinion) more similar to real people you would meet in real life, as a sign of grateful for the writers and concept artists that should get more comprehension sometimes...

P.S: I'm not going to include new RR characters atm.

Realistic Characters. I'm the first who says that as seasons progressed, the realistic touch faded away, especially after the huge amount of gimmicks brought by Pahkitew Generation, but since first generation TD managed to create good characters that aren't only stereothypes, but can be felt as real contestants. First of all, this would maybe surprise you, but I immediately exclude from this category the excessive winners like Duncan, Gwen, Courtney, Alejandro, Zoey, and Sky, because it's my firm opinion that it's unrealistic that the same character, as much good he/she can be, can win this much and place often in merge positions, unrealistic because he/she should be an easy target in the next season OR because winning streaks like TDA Courtney, TDWT Invincible Alejandro, TDAS Zoey and backflipping to the sun TDPI Sky can't happen in real life reality shows, these guys are human, teen agers, not Guinness World Records or super heroes (or super villains, speaking of Al)!



I guess this first name will shock you a lot, but in real life it's not that impossible to meet girls like Lindsay. Dumb blonds, or generally, super-hotties are frequent choices in the reality shows, and they're often hired as co-hosts of TV shows, from trivias to reality, from talk show to fictions, world is full of Lindsays! Famous Guinness Busty Hearts is an example.. I also call up an Italian showgirl that Italian fans found pretty similar to Lindsay: she took part to a Big-Brother similar reality and got immediately favorite for her two marking traits: being so dumb to even forget names and having an huge breast. Therefore, our beloved Lindsay is one of the most realistic characters they created. (There are many more realistic than her, but still, she fits the category).

File:Heather PBDH 26.PNG


Heather was and still is the only villainous realistic character after 6 seasons. What makes her so realistic, especially in the first season of Island where she played the main villain role? Well... everyone knows how meanie and selfish people can be in this world, Heather fits perfectly in the teen agers evil streak, she's spoiled, bossy, abusive, believes to be the most beautiful, doesn't accept critiques, like to tame and provoke people, even kissed the boy of someone else! Classic alpha b or queen bee if you prefer. But she's not perfect: Heather did many flaws and risked usually to be booted, and most of the times her "strategies" were last time intuitions. However, Heather's characterization didn't stop here: in the next seasons, especially TDWT and TDAS she was developed and matured like a true girl becoming more careful (doesn't mean less abrasive and opportunist) and generally likable, and her relationship with Alejandro, as much it was inflated and movie-like, didn't change entirely her attitude, but smoothened her sharpest traits and contributed to her grow up. Also, Heather was given a "freudian excuse" for her mischievousness in that final episode of Total Drama Island...that kind of explained everything of her. She's still manipulative and unpredictable, tough, like pretty everyone of us can be or become, because human mind is the biggest riddle of the Universe.

Noah underwater


Noah is the character I identify myself the most: I'm a bookworm, I hate bullies like Duncan and show offs like Justin, I love the tranquility, I'm lazy and I use sarcasm as a form of support when things go wrong or as an easy way to dodge physical conflicts without losing my pride, but I'm also a guy who likes to joke and doesn't dislike the company of oddballs. Noah has proved in the few episodes he was in to be a versatile character, being not only stuck up to book and sarcasm, especially in TDWT where he opened up more to experiences, adventure, and friends, and he's the only NERD character that I don't see as only a stereotype. Sam and Leonard are huge parodies of videogamers and Dungeon and Dragons players, Cody downplays the perv geek role, a stereo that was well portrayed in Bully (Videogame for Ps2, also known as Canis Canem Edit), Cameron is that average nerd you can find in fictions and sit comedies, Harold parodizes the role of the nerd who tries (and believes) to be cool and girl-magnet and Scarlett..... how many nerds you know that want world domination? Getting back to Noah, I think most of his actions have been done by everyone who isn't sporty or smug, and I like how he never changed his attitude careless of the situations he lived: a real guy develops a personality but never changes it at all. Therefore, Noah is the normal bookworm who stays aside in a corner reading during a dodgeball play... being conscious of his weak body structure and having learned to deal with it. He also knows when to surrender, unlike Courtney, and how to take every negativity with the right aplomb. Not a role model to follow, but sometimes we should stop stress for an achievement like him and accept there's nothing we can do at the moment.

Sorry if the part of Noah seems a little biased, I tried to be the most impartial possible while writing it, but also sincere.

File:Bridgette Rank Lulu.png


Bridgette is...Bridgette. I consider her one of the most difficult characters to use in a writing, because she's this normal and realistic that you can't use her simply for particular traits, some people call her "bland" that's a term I don't agree with. She's not one dimensional or poorly characterized, she's the most realistic girl they created so far, and like a true person, she can't be indentified for a single trait or passion, she has multiple sides, the kindness, the love for nature, the romantic attitude, the toughness and the courage when there's need, the shyness and the goofiness in other occasions, she's not PERFECT like Zoey and Sky, neither tries and poses to be like Courtney does. She's just herself. Nothing else to say.

Trent confessional

The "normal" guy of the Island.

TDI Trent

Originally Trent was the most realistic male character, but now he lost this award thanks to TDA and, generally, a crisis of identity of his character, and an excessive dependence on Gwen. But, as I underlined in the paragraph, I'll talk about TDI Trent. He was the easy-going, fascinating, mysterious but also average guy you meet in the halfway. He lacks of a proper solid characterization but this is what makes him as realistic as Bridgette.

Heather and Leshawna

According to her bio, Leshawna is not only a Big Moma, but a Bear Moma that defends the people she cares for from the mean ones like Heather.


LeShawna is the overall known Big Momma of Total Drama. She's generous and reckless in defending the weakest from any sort of harm and evil, like many girls that born in the outskirts in the middle of the misery and halfway the street. I don't know much of them because there aren't in Italy, but I saw enough movies and series to know of their existence... and there's a Black Moma in every season of Hell Kitchen I have watched so far, therefore this is why I have to consider her in the realistic category.


The genuine smile of a girl who finally feels to be considered important by someone. (After a life spent as doormat courtesy of Amy).


Samey gained immediately a spot in my heart as the first episode of Pahkitew aired. Many call her bland because her plot is to be tormented by Amy, that's actually true, but I would invite to consider the rest of her characterization, that is one of the most deep seen in Pahkitew. Resuming all her life, Samey was tormented, ignored, submissed, underestimated, dismayed, and brainwashed of her firmness and self-consideration by Amy since the birth. This is terrible, and most terrible thing is that this happens in real life too. Many little sisters and brothers grow under the control of their big siblings, mostly for the weakest and dumbest excuses provided by them. Samey's personality was spoiled since the beginning, to the point she turned into the shy, willing for comprehension and appreciation doormat seen in the show: for the first three episodes Amy managed to create a void around her, siding all the Kinosewaks against her, from the immature Max to the Chris-selfish Topher, even the dumb Rodney, who "loved" all the girls... but failed with Jasmine. Jasmine was the first to treat Samey with respect, despite she had really no reasons to being taller and stronger, neither she did this out of poor pitifulness, simply treated Samey like everyone else and, slowly, encouraged her to get out from her shell, until Samey developed enough firmness to rebel. Both her friendship with Jasmine and her character development were the most realistic touch I felt in Total Drama Pahkitew island.

Forever totally dave

For once his unlucky and pathetic (as he Always felt it) life was going positive, it came then the big disappointment.

Dave (Pre-Hurl and Go Seek)

Dave is one of those problematic guys split between the will to be cool and proud of themselves and the resignation to be always losers. The audition tape of Dave foreshadows a weak personality prompt to insanity or just simple depression: Dave doesn't know how to introduce himself and poses many times to be a guy he isn't: the coolest, the bad, the courageous..just to give up immediately after. In the time he passed in pahkitew, besides from being obsessed with Sky, Dave collected some minor results that made his small ego inflate out of ist usual misery, like in A Blast from the Past. Dave is the negative parallel of Noah: his sarcasm comes only from a dismay for himself and a general pessimist attitude, careless if it's justified or no. He's pretty realistic out of the freaks and super heroes seen in Pahkitew, even the way he overreacts at the discover of Sky's boyfriend, as much it was cartoonized, is realistic. Many guys kill nowadays their girlfriend just because they can't accept they don't love them anymore, Dave was quite downplayed in the Feral Zeke Zone because this is a kid show, but still, what happened to Dave is a sad destiny of many...

Honorable Mentions

There are other realistic characters that I didn't talk about because I had nothing original to say on them, therefore I spared you from a copycat of Trent's paragraph. These are Geoff, Beth, Katie & Sadie (aside from their stucky friendship) and few others.

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