This is an attempt to analyze under a different and maybe more effective point of view the characters that mostly were able to make the fans side for them or against them for the eternity.Usually fans considered Mal as the bottom or merely bottom of the antagonist's rank while Scarlett is usually place on a middle-high placement.Personally I consider them at the same level,because they both failed but interested me a lot as antagonists of their respective seasons.They were sure the most courageous attempt tried by the authors in term of characters "off the chain" from the rest of the others.


Mike (as Mal) is about to hit Gwen.

As I always said,Mal and Scarlett are like two faces of the same (evil) medal that actually are completely to be considered apart from Heather and the rest of the previous villains,that were only interested in the cash,and whose cruelty was basically the main way to reach the goal,while Mal and Scarlett are purely voted for the evilness,being sociopaths and aiming to conquer the world (Mal made this evident the more he showed his cruelty,Scarlett's audition with an Earth globe sliced by knives explains all). First of all,I think that none really got the sense of these two characters:Mal was hated for his lack of strategy while Scarlett disappointed for her passive antagonism,being able to cause no one elimination.Anybody asked himself if there was a reason for both these two vices of them?I think no.

Look at Mal:he is intended to be the dark hidden spooky evil side of a "normal" person like Mike,so he's not a real person,but the personification of a medley of awful feelings like hate,envy,sadism,pure evilness to shorten,then you cannot expect him to be a consistent guy,above all not in term of strategism and decisions.Mal is that evil that comes from an irrational source,he's meant to be a chaotic destructive overwhelming force of havoc,so he can be sometimes effective,sometimes ineffective,doesn't care,cause he's led only by the permanent desire to bring chaos and distruction.Mal's strategy was just to win,and destroy everything on his passage,but he had never decided HOW to do this,his plans popped Always from nothing,evil intuitions,good choice of opportunism,and were based basically on his super strength.Everytime the authors showed us Mal,they depicted him more as a devil than a contestant,an horror,frightening side unleashed out from the mind of a simple man like Mike.In my opinion Mal had huge potential to appear as the MOST MONSTROUS HATABLE EVIL VILLAIN EVER MADE in TD history,but it was wasted for the ineptitude and inexperience to manage a character so off the chain like this,and also by the short period of 13 episodes that are really a terrible number to develop succesfully a character,above all if he's intended to be the villainest villain ever.Mal (IMO) could have been a great antagonist if only the authors would have been able to manage it better,but we know,all TDAS was the worst in term of management of storylines and characters. Mal can also be seen as a parody,yes,not an offensive parody of the MPD disease as many puritans stated (I dare them to compare the "offensive menace" of Mike to the offensive opinions always offered by shows like South Park and similar,but whatever,I'm not here to blame other opinions,even if I find the ones who damned Mike for the MPD quite hypocrital,but get beyond this),but a parody of all the worst feelings that situations like realities are able to unleash:the hate,the neverending competitivism (Courtney's an example of someone utterly doomed by her competitiveness),the reckless attempt to rid off the rivals,the huge anger when you see your plans frustrated or yourself risking the elimination,the chaos and mischievousness spread during the challenges,exc...Mal is so the perfect prototype of the dark side of reality shows,resuming all the worst sentiments in one single being.If even the so called "Super Villain" felt frightened by Mal,this was because he and all the other previous ones had finally touched and tasted but at HIGHEST LEVEL the same medicine they had been always used to give to the others.That couldn't be,at least from a theoric point of view,a better villain-type for a season called All Stars:it was planned to appear as the Star of Evilness in Total Drama,making people like Alejandro to face the fact that they won't be ever so villainous.


So Mal wasn't just an awful antagonist with no real aim,but a courageous attempt to show us the true essence of evilness,that cannot be tamed,stopped,planned.Mal acts freely,his wrath is utterly unleashed from the start,everything he wants,everything he obtains:he want to break objects?He can.Mal is the evil force for antonomasy,that first of all is irrational.Follows no kind of logic,and hits whatever it wants.Mal successfully played this role,appearing at surface just like a destroyer,a thug,but inside he was just EVIL WITH NO CHAINS. What's actually I think went wrong with him,so?There wasn't enough space for him.He had his debut in the 5th episode,this means he had only 8 episodes where at contemporary focus himself as the main villain and as a completely different matter of villain respect the previous ones.No surprise he was wasted appearing just an irrational destroyer,having also no background story than Duncan's having known him in prison.THIS was the real mistake of the authors:they presented us the lord of the villains but made it an empty core of evil,without even a complete story.What a shame to waste he,Mike and Zoey in this way!By the way,that's what happened and we cannot correct the past so far.Pity. I strongly hope in the return of Mal,but this time in a better way,maybe less platitudinous and rushed than in All Stars,and above all developed in the time of 26 episodes.

Now Scarlett.Scarlett's rise was very different from Mal's.First of all at first impact none suspected about her...until a certain point of the plot.Her aspect didn't betray her true nature,and we all thought at her as a medley of Courtney and Cameron:the high cleverness,the tidy aspect,the nerdy quotes.For the first 4 episodes she stayed completely foreshadowed in her surface personality only giving us the idea that she was hiding behind Max,making him to appear as the villain,without having no real grey matter to be this.Compared to Mal,Scarlett was a very quiet and slinky type of evil,that bite after bite crept and lurked in the shadows,so an evil based on a strategy and a plan,at least theorically,because the question now is crucial:WHICH WAS HER PLAN AT THE END?While Mal made immediately clear to be a cartoonish villain force that aims to overtake the world (classic) by destroying everything around him (actually no a strategy,but a pleasure for him),Scarlett didn't even try to reveal us her real nature,on the contrary,everytime she gave us a hint of her evil genius she immediately

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