That's the question I always had about this character,that is my most favourite ever,but even as a big fan I have some unresolved doubts., Izzy realizes that she was "surrounded by loons." This was quite an OOC moment of her or a mild attempt of development?]]

What's the problem with Izzy?She's a mistery for the writers.Even if she's a great fan favourite from her first appeareance, has a unique personality of all the three casts, and don't forget she actually competed in 3 seasons and placed 7th in TDI, they showed to be unable to use her, and get advantages of her qualities and popularity,especially soon after TDI. She has currently the highest amount of eliminations, some were funny but other were literally free license with no kind of explanation than a suddenly plot device with no development behind:

  • TDI:she was eliminated just because she had shot randomly around..hitting only Heather and Chef!Weren't these 2 the most hated from the remaining campers?Lack of coherence.

    Heather:"Whatever..I'm safe from the nomination" Gwen:"For TODAY" This sounds only for me as the promise "We'll vote you as soon as possible the next time?" This time happened 2 episodes later,finally Heather wasn't safe,and they voted Izzy out.Coerence zero.

  • TDA:Chef switched (cheating openly,but none cared) the drama writs giving to her a non dramatic one,and she was eliminated while Trent did nothing than be a terrible leader,and also Justin was...boh?
  • TDA II:randomly Izzy says she doesn't trust Justin and this makes him to cause her nomination.This without any sort of explanation behind..again,no development and plot device.Oh,wait,maybe because she's his ex-girlfriend (since before TDI)?This was never shown or told about in the cartoon.
  • TDWT:no comment.

3 seasons competed in, and the only plot we saw for her was her love story with Owen,interesting in TDI, dramatic in TDA (Master of Disaster was the first time I saw Izzy cry,and this was a tender sign of development that looked behind Izzy's freakiness for once..and the episode after she got again eliminated!!!)and nothing until Jamaica in TDWT where the couple was ended up in an arranged way.

Sierra and Alejandro competed in a single season,and were considered All Stars,and this only because all the screentime and plot received compared to Izzy in 3 seasons...don't tell me Harold,Leshawna,Bridgette were similarly unfairly not considered all stars because they already had their seasons to shine in,and after one big merge they flattened (Bridgette after TDI,Leshawna and Harold after TDA)
Izzy Yukon Cheer

TDWT:considering she exited just two episodes before the merge,Izzy had the least amount of screentime and speeches of the cast remained in the game,and even compared to others eliminated previously (Lindsay for ex)

Multiple eliminations matches with her cameos in the following seasons,leaving us a doubt about their true consideration of her:funny running gag underdog?Unforgettable 1st generation character but not enough good to be again a contestant?Missed/Forgotten All Star?Or..whatever other?BIG QUESTION MARK. As of now she's the only 1st generation character to have been in the first three seasons,actually placed high or middle in generally,about we know only she's crazy,hates Chef,had a story with Owen,best friend of Noah and Eva (this happened however behind the cameras) and HATES JUSTIN FOR RIGHT REASONS.Nothing else.

Just think one moment if she would have been placed in All Stars,inside a cast of mostly overused characters (Duncan,Gwen,Courtney),demoted fodders (Sam,Lightning,Sierra..),despicable/arguable 2nd generation choices for main protagonists (Mike and Zoey),recycled expies (Scott expy of Tyler/Brick,Jo expy of Eva with Courtney attitude) much she could have improved if properly (finally) used? I think a lot,with the right interactions.

Little digression:if All Star sucked was above all because the 1st generation characters chosen,except Lindsay,were all consumed at this point.And that's why the writers focused on Mike,Zoey,Scott and Cameron.

Izzy is able to see Mike through Mal. the first to discover an evil side isn't a plot?Instead she was used to make Others conscious...the name of this episode should have been "Suckers Writers"

Here's a list I did about all the possible plots they wasted for Izzy with multiple nominations or just ignoring her:

  • Total Drama Island:just imagine her during "Deer Hunter" and also remember she's a crazy powerhouse of contestant.
  • Total Drama Action:Izzy has real acting skills above anyone other (mr Petwriter Duncan included) and this season revolves around sets and movies,and she's the first Grip to be eliminated,then returns,and she's eliminated again.Best proof of this waste was that Izzy became a famous actress soon after TDA as Celebrity Manhunt's clips explained.

Also the fact Owen was injured could have let us learn more her tender side,besides her craziness often portrayed in a bad light (everyone annoyed by her nicknames,Leshawna warning DJ in TDWT to don't touch her to not become the same freak,exc..),but again the writers were blind in front of this occasion.

  • TDWT:her adventurous side,the fact this season finally seems to let underdogs shining (with also Duncan out of the balls),and again her interactions with Noah and Owen could have improved her,but...they made her invisible,even forgetting her in the last aftermath.
  • TDAS:why don't make her the first to discover about Mal but not believed because everyone thinks this is just another product of her craziness?Also considering that if she's crazy,the entire cast seen in TDAS is dumbed down to eleven,except for Jo and Alejandro.Duncan had no reason to have this plot!And infact,the idea was immediately rushed and abandoned.Pretty pathetic.

So,here we have still Izzy,the same oddball after 5 seasons of Total Drama,in search of development than random cameos and scrappy eliminations, loved underdog but with way more screen time than Noah and others, potential allstars but without the same screentime and development of Duncan and company.

What's so your ultimate opinion about her:UNDERDOG or ALL STAR?

P.S:fan fact:times ago before the air of TDAS there was a sort of petition to bring Izzy in All Stars that was ignored by the writers.