Hi,my name is King Flurry,I'm Italian,and I just joined to this wikia a day ago.Total Drama acquaintances me since the first season,and I followed it entirely until Pahkitew,then I decided to list my personal rankings about the episodes seen so far,choicing the best 7 of each season.These are only based on a personal opinion,so don't feel conditionated by my post.Here we go,starting from the Island,of course!


1st)"The Big Sleep":this is the episode which started my passion for Total Drama.I'll never forget what happened:it was the middle of the night,and cause of a bad flu I wasn't able to sleep,then I lighted on the TV zapping channel by channel,until I accidentally got into an usual channel where an unknown cartoon reality show was aired.My first reaction was kind of shrug,but the curiosity won me and I decided to give it a watch,and the more the episode developed the more I could feel it real,passionate,and undescribably interesting,that I couldn't stop to watch or go to sleep,I was kidnapped by the story,the particular challenge (that coincidentially fitted perfectly with my situation in real life,cause I was on a "big sleep" phase too). This experience was very cathartic,and the day after I immediately checked on Internet about this show called Total Drama.Now,from a professionally point of view,in my opinion,Big Sleep is the perfect episode in the entire TD history,because it has the right rhytms,gags,drama,pathos,humour,suspence,and above all it's super well orchestrated under any aspect.It introduces the villain streak of Heather,it starts the Gwen and Trent unforgettable couple,it basically makes to shine,even if for a single frame,alas all the characters of the original cast.I still think there's no other episode so far able to reach the perfect balance of this:it's the episode when you can feel the true essence and passion of this cartoon.

Clue for the next:Epic Deers

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