Have you guys been wondering which characters will return in Ridonculous Race? Then come here! I will be discussing many characters that could have a chance at coming back in Ridonculous Race. Let's start!

  • Cameron, Gwen, Alejandro, & Heather - So you know how those 4 contestants were the ones who helped Mike and Zoey in the finale of All Stars. And your probably wondering why. Because remember at the end of Total Drama All Stars, how the contestants other than the 4 I mentioned, along with Mikey and Zoey, floated away in those balloons. So where could they have gone? Who knows. That's why if anyone returns from All Stars, it's probably only going to be one of these 4.
  • Justin - So he could possibly have a shot at coming back. He didn't do too well in the seasons he played, but that's different from like bringing back Staci or Amy. Chris really wants ratings, right? Well Justin is kinda good for that. All the girls are over him now, and him getting rejected and not being as handsome as he was before, will make him even more funny, and will boost up those ratings. Maybe if they brought Beth back, there would be one girl after him, but I honestly don't think that could happen. I mean, imagine a TDPI girl in love with Justin.
  • Trent - Okay this guy. So in TDI, he did okay, I mean he made it to merge. TDA.....well, uh, he epically failed. I mean, he was way too into Gwen in TDA. But then again we don't know what's going on with him, and if he returned, that would be fun to watch. Cos, if Gwen was in the season with him, it would just be 2 words, 'Awkward' & 'Ratings'. Yolo right? Chris would just set up a bunch of challenges just for Trent and Gwen, and that's what will make the show, yet funny, but dumb. So basically, if Gwen comes back, Trent needs to come back. Hehe!
  • DJ - It would be nice to see this Momma boy again, now wouldn't it? Now sure he sucked in TDWT, and quit in TDA, but maybe he has changed. Maybe he could've grown to be a little evil, but still be the momma's boy we know today.
  • Owen - So I'm pretty sure that the producers have said they have big plans for Owen. If this is true, Owen is either returning in RR, or he is returning in Season 6. This is all we know for now, but it is pretty good information. My friend also thinks that Owen could be an intern for the show. :O
  • Katie or Sadie - These two were only in TDI, and they didn't do so good. And if they do return, probably only 1 of them is returning. I have a feeling it will be Sadie, but if Trent returns, they are so gonna be uber in love with him, while he still wants Gwen, and boom. A love SQUARE. And there would be so much drama if only 1 of them returned.
  • Rodney - I have a feeling no characters from Pahkitew Island will return, but I dont know if that is certain or not, so I'm just predicting. Rodney didn't really get a chance in TDPI, because I that happened is that he fell in love with like every girl, and couldn't compete that well. Let's just get some very rude girls *cough* Heather *cough* and then his weird love condition would go away, and he would actually start playing.
  • Dawn - I honestly don't think she deserves to be in the new spin-off season, but some people have been saying that she has a good chance of making it. I dont really think it, but she does have a good chance at returning. 
  • Beth - Me and my friend have a theory that all the winners (excluding Duncan & Lightning) will return. Beth was the alternate winner for TDA, so maybe she has a chance at making it into the Race.
  • Sugar - This is who I think is a female version of Owen. She and Owen could return and become a couple. That would be funny to watch. She had such a good game in TDPI, and was so funny. I love it how she hated Ella. Just like me. Hehe!

Okay guys this is my blog for today! Hope you guys enjoyed this blog. Also put your opinions down in the comments, and tell me who you think is coming back, and yah, stuff like that. ~ ShawnFan14 aka Noah 

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