Hello, hello. It is I, Noah, Kid, whatever. I'm currently planning a Total Drama fanfiction of mine, called Total Drama: Destruction Island. I wish I could animate this to be honest, but for now, while I can't, you guys can have a cast preview because I'm in a good mood and I wanna share! (Shoutout to inspirations Bonkile and the actual show Total Drama)


Victor - The Cute Nature Lover - Is good-looking, and cares about wildlife and nature.

Gregg - The Alaskan - Is from Alaska, is focused, generous, shy, independent, and has a fear of grizzly bears.

Brenda - The Intelligent Vegan - Is intelligent, wants to be a doctor, and is a vegan.

Britney - The Popular Social Girl - Was voted prom princess, loves fashion, is on social media all day, and is charming.

Samson - The Hard Worker - Is a chef, works part-time at a harbor, and is a C student.

Matthew - The Nerd - Always has good grades and used to be a cheerleader.

Marcy  - The Artist - Has been painting forever and can paint forever.

Brooke - The Musician - She loves all music, can play any music, is clumsy, and is oblivious.

Isaac - The Troublemaking Skater - Is a baseball player, is in a skater gang, and gets in trouble a lot.

Danielle - The Punk - Is called a punk, listens to and plays punk-rock music, rides BMX bikes, and is rebellious.

Spencer - The Class Clown - Is a jock, but is a class clown, and is always cracking jokes.

Nicole - The Mystery Solver - She loves murder mysteries, acts like a detective, and tries to solve mysteries on her own.

Jonathan - The Hero-To-Zero - He loves comic books, and acts like he’s a superhero, but nobody is ever impressed and he gets frightened a lot.

Emma - The Shy Survivor - She wears an eyepatch due to an incident in the mountains where she lives, but she survived and is shy.

Grace - The Cheerleader - Has been cheerleading forever and always gets the guys.

Jefferson - The Rich Kid - Is rich, he acts and models, but is immature.

Mackenzie - The Mind-Reader - She is good at reading boys’ minds and is also a jock.

Hayley - The Political Scientist - She loves and breathes politics, but says a bit too much sometimes.

Joel - The Flamboyant Guy - He loves attention, style, and is gay.

Hayden - The Drama King - Is cynical and loves drama.

This is the cast! You can leave thoughts and predictions and what not if you want to! Thanks!<3