Alright, the 3rd mission, let's get on with it!

So, I was searching some stuffz on Twitter ya know, and I searched first "Ridonculous Race" but nothing new came up so whatever. Then I searched "#totaldrama" and THEN I FOUND SOMETHING. So Terry McGurrin posted this pic of him and with these two.....ladies, and Terry quotes in his post "Hanging out with some Ridonculously talented people! @stephanyseki @nicolestamp #totaldrama @thefreshchannel". So now I'm wondering since he posted "RIDONCULOUSLY" and "#totaldrama" if this means........they could be new voice actors for RR!

I mean, the context clues definitely say it, and the hashtag "#totaldrama" and that he is doing "@" to FreshTV! And not to mention, Terry McGurrin IS working with RR, so I would not be surprised if this was R-E-A-L. 

So maybe the next RR reveal will be uh....sometime? They may not even release the next pair for like 2 or 3 months or something, but for now, I'm pretty that the next pair will be 2 girls 'cos of this blog, as it clearly states that those two are voice actors for RR.

Also picture for proof:


Thanks for reading another RR mission. I wanted to make another blog, but I had no idea what to make a blog about, until I found this on Twitter, so here's a blog. I want to make a blog that is Non-RR related, but I just can't think of anything, and I always check Twitter for anything about RR and what not. Yeah.....this is ShawnFan, Noah, or Brady ; whatever you wanna call me; signing out.

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