A second one so quick?'s just a topic I thought of bringing up, since nobody really talks about Cody returning at all. It seems he is almost invisible to all of this Ridonculous Race returning talk. So let's just talk about Cody having a chance, shall we?

Cody. Cody Wody. *disgusted* Cody ANDERSON. Hmm. He was a big underdog in TDI who didn't do much but was fun to watch. In TDWT, he got his moment to shine, had some plots, and made the final 3, even if he floated cuz of Sierra. I mean, he's so pro, he was part of a plot in TDAS, AND DIDN'T EVEN COMPETE! OOOOHH. Okay for realz tho, he hasn't had as much screentime as some people have had. Thing is, when people talk about who could returning for Ridonculous Race, contestants like Harold, Staci, or even DJ are brought up. But Cody seems to be the only one who has never been brought up. So that's the WHOLE point of this blog.

Now there's one thing. People say Peter Oldring quit Fresh TV. Thing is, it's a rumor, even Fresh confirmed he didn't quit Fresh. So if Peter Oldring didn't quit......the Codmeister still has a chance of RE-RE-RE-RETURNING! Here's a kicker though. Cody would most likely be paired with Sierra. She's pretty much not going to be in RR, so could Cody not be in RR cuz of this? Maybe he'll return with Gwen because she was an AS contestant, but was NOT in the balloons, so she has a chance.....but she is most likely not going to be in RR, cuz of she does, Cameron might even be her partner, but yeah. Cody deconfirmed yet? NOPE! There are others Cody could be paired with. (Beth, Harold, Trent (?)) 

These paragraphs are so much shorter....anyways, off-topic! Another thing. Here's a pic of something that Fresh replied to a fan when they asked if Cody would return in RR: 


This person asked: Will Cody ever compete/return again?

Fresh replied: We don't know when we'll return to Normal TD.

THIS OMG. This proves to me that Cody won't be in RR, but he will most likely be in a future season of TD if there is one. This is on the "Total Drama Presents The Ridonculous Race" page, so he's asking if Cody will be in RR. Fresh doesn't even MENTION RR in their reply. They mention normal TD. This is why I have such doubts of Cody being in RR. "Will Cody Be In RR?" "Well, we don't know when we'll return to regular TD" sort of kind of confirmed that Cody will not be in RR, but a future TD season.

BTW, this entire blog was made for some talk about the Codmeister being in RR, since nobody EVER brings him up during RR talk. I've seen more people mention DJ than Cody. (oooh mega burn, lol). So basically, do you guys think Cody will return, or NAH? I think he won't be returning, like if I had to rate if Cody would return, I'd give a 2/10. Just tell me what ya guys think!

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