We need to get to the bottom of it.

Let's recap: None of the TDPI characters will be in it, followed by B, Brick, Dawn, Justin, Zoke, Blaineley, and Bridgette. Probably none of the AS contestants will be in it, even tho it's a rumor, I don't think they'll be in it, as they should focus on other characters, so cut them out, and Dakota and Zekey are mutated right now, so they are a no, PROBABLY. MAYBE. 

We now have 18 choices: Staci, Sadie, Katie, Eva, Trent, Anne Maria, Geoff, Izzy, Beth, DJ, Leshawna, Owen, Cody, Noah, Tyler, and Harold.

Julie has been sort of hinting about Noah and Owen, along with their VA's, so they are most likely in.

Noah ; Owen - Like 99.99% chance of them in RR.

Staci or Anne Maria will be in it, due to a ROTI character being in it. Anne Maria has higher chances of being in it, but I have a feeling they'll put Staci in it, but we know that one of these, or maybe both, will be in it.

Brian Froud (somewhere idk where) said he'll be in RR, I think, so that means he's either voicing Harold, Sam, or a newbie, and i honestly thought he was gonna voice Harold, but I have the feeling he's voicing a newbie.

And of course, some VA's on Twitter say the usual, "You'll have to wait and find out", and I've seen: Katie Crown, the voice of Izzy, and Stephanie Anne Millis, the voice of Lindsay/Katie, say this on Twitter. Katie and Izzy in RR? Possibly, but OBVIOUSLY not confirmed. 

Now the question is: How many returnees will be in RR?

Answer: My answer is that, we need to know the numbers of pairs first, to do the math, because 5% is returning. I have a feeling there will be 14 or more pairs, due to 26 episodes, and 14 x 2 = 28.

What are your guys' thoughts? Who do you think will be the 3 or 4 returnees? Who do you want to return? Who do you think will return? COMMENT DOWN! :D

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