Okay so there were some couples that did happen in TDPI that were good and bad. I'm also going to be talking about the ones that I think should've happened. Let's begin with some of them that actually appeared!

Sugar & Leonard: Now this was so retarted. Sugar is like this pagent country girl and she likes this pathetic LARPER, who doesn't know a thing about spells. They seemed to be allies, but never were an actual couple. Sugar just had the stupidest crush on the show. At least she made up for it for hating Ella! HAHA!

Rodney & Jasmine: Before the show actually started, a picture of Rodney holding Jasmine was leaked. I just instantly thought that they would be a great couple. WRONG. Now, Rodney is one of my favorite TDPI characters, but his like thing where a girl talks to him and him being in love is weird. He even tried to kiss her! That was funny to watch. But she obviously rejected. I mean they kinda seemed like a cool match. She's from the outback, he's from the farm, but at the end of the day, Jasmine was interested in someone else. ;)

Rodney & Amy: Once again with Rodney's weird love condition. It would be interesting to see them as a couple. But I think Amy was more into Topher than Rodney. Oh yah, they even show her hatred in the intro. He was being a gentleman, trying to give her flowers while kneeling, and she goes and smacks them out of his hand! Man, I kinda wished they were together.

Rodney & Scarlett: I don't even need to explain the Rodney situation XD. From the beggining, Rodney had a thing for Scarlett, as he told Shawn that she seemed really smart. Then in episode 4 I think, Scarlett told him to watch out for the raccoon feces, and that made him forget about 'Amy' and Jasmine. That's all I have to say.......

Ella & Dave: .......No. Just no. Dave was kinda cool, but Ella was the worst TDPI character ever! I didn't want to see them together, and it was good that they weren't. Dave and Sky belonged together, and.....i'll talk about that later. Anyways, Ella soon fell in love with him, but Dave likes Sky, and he told her that he liked Sky, and that's how that ended. Also, let's not forget when Dave saves Ella from almost drowning.

Dave & Sky: First Dave had a huge crush on her, then Sky liked him back, then they almost KISSED twice! Thanks to Sugar. Then Sky totally went agro on Dave and yelled at him saying she doesn't want to go out with him, so Dave voted himself out. Then when Sky was in the final 2, Dave was picked to help her. He then got rejected because of Sky's boyfriend, and now he went bald, and now Dave is nowhere to be found. The end.

Shawn & Jasmine: The best couple this season. Sure, some up and downs, but that always happens in relationships. In episode 2, you could tell they liked eachother, along with the intro, but that made Samey kinda awkward. Moving on, they are both pretty smart, and they both seem like they know how to survive many situations. But then, episode 5 came along. He knocked her into the water, and Jasmine hated him for some time. Shawn tried to win her back, but nothing worked. Then after Dave got eliminated, Jasmine thought Shawn was a good guy, and she kissed him on the cheek. FIRST KISS OF THE SEASON RIGHT THERE. They soon finally had an actually kiss and worked together alot. Then Jasmine was eliminated. Jasmine was Shawn's helper! Then Shawn's confessionals. He didn't want to share the money, and then he did. Jasmine then didn't like him again. But when Shawn was hurt, she came to the rescue, Shawn won, and they shared the money! (hopefully)

Now let's move onto the ones that in my opinion, should've happened:

Samey & Topher: This should've happened. Samey had a crush on Topher I think, but I don't know about Topher. They would've been a great match. If they ended up together, Amy would've been screwed, but sadly this couple never happened. 

Max and Scarlett: Probably everyone thinks this couple should've happened, because of them being evil and smart. Well, forget the smart part for Max, but still. They could've easily been a couple, but Scarlett was so annoyed by Max, Max actually thought that Scarlett was hopelessly in love with him, and Max was scared of Scarlett in 'Scarlett Fever'. It would've been a weird couple, but interesting to watch!

Beardo & Ella: I hate Ella, and Beardo is okay, I guess, but they both like music, and stuff associated with that. It would be sooooo weird to see this. LOLOLOLOL

Rodney and Amy: I know this was in the other section, but I want these two to be together so much! Maybe it can happen in a future season of Total Drama!

Well that's my blog for today folks! This is not a voting blog, and also, tell me if you agree with my opinions, or you can tell me, your opinions, and what couples you wanted to see! ~ ShawnFan14

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