Hey guys, Brady is back about another character from TDPI. This one is about the "villain".........MAX THE "EVIL" GENIUS! Let's get started with this guy!

In TDPI, he tagged along with Scarlett the entire time usually, but was hilarious due to always coming up with ideas Scarlett came up with first and him getting hurt and him starting to turn into a nice person, by caring for babies, and stuff like that. 

Throughout the entire game, his team seemed to be annoyed by his antics, and would've been eliminated early if it weren't for that team switch that Chris did. He finally makes merge, but still is alongside with Scarlett, calling her his "sidekick". Scarlett Fever was the last time we saw Scarlett got disqualified for trying to murder everyone for the money. Chris was tired of evil, so he just decided to eliminate Max as well.

To be honest, Max is a pretty funny character to watch. I mean, he kinda didn't do well in his whole EVIL antics, but he tried and did good. He actually got farther than I expected. I thought he'd gotten like 10th but he got 5th! On my rankings, he's like in the 15-10 zone, as he is funny to watch, in my opinion. 

Put your opinions about Max in the comments please, and maybe suggest a character to do next or something. Thanks for reading and stay tuned for the next blog!

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