Hey guys, Brady here! I have an interesting blog. This is favorite Total Drama ship. I don't know why it's these two, but certainly they could become a couple, and they maybe could've been. 

The Princess Pride

In this episode, we find out that Justin has a crush on Courtney, which obviously makes Duncan jealous. He keeps saying that he will become Courtney's prince and makes sure of it. He ends up beating Duncan, and gets to Courtney. Then, they are about to kiss.......but Chris decides to make the fairy tale a terrible horror story and have Courtney and Justin fight with their wooden swords, which I kinda hated. They were so close! Extremely close! After the moment where Courtney doesn't care about him, and Justin got eliminated, people started to ship the two. Including me!

In my opinion, the two have a high chance at becoming a couple. Courtney and Justin seem to care about themselves some times, and it seems that the two could become a perfect couple. Justin seems to be the only decent person Courtney can be with at this point, since she broke up with Duncan and Scott. Justin seems to not attract anyone anymore, but maybe Courtney and him could be a thing. ;)



So guys, what do you think about this couple? What is your opinion on Justin and Courtney? Aka, Justney. What is your guys' opinion on the two? Do you guys want to see the two become a couple? Do you? Do you not? Just go in the comments and write your opinion on the two! 

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