Hey guys! It's Brady! So, here's another Overrated/Underrated blog by me. Last time it was about DJ, but today is about the Australian Outback girl.......JASMINE! 

In TDPI, she at first really seemed like a team leader and pretty physical. Early on she supported Sammy, and that's what made her a good person at first. She and Shawn were hitting it off, which I liked until........Shawn knocked her into the water during that one challenge. Her mad about that was....well...kinda stupid. Obviously everyone was probably like "NOO! I LIKED THE TWO!" That was sort of my reaction. She did better in some challenges, but at times I thought she would've gone home because at some challenges she wasn't competing well. Merge comes. Shawn sacrifices himself, so Jasmine can survive and win. After that, she realizes how much of a great guy Shawn is, and kisses him on the cheek. Soon after, they become Shawsmine or whatever. They team up in most of the challenges 

and do good in them. She then becomes really attracted to Shawn when he kills all of the Chris Bots. Jasmine had an idea of splitting the money with Shawn, and at first Shawn hated the idea, but soon after, he liked the idea. In Sky Fall, Jasmine was sadly eliminated by not making it to the top of the mountain. In the finale, Jasmine was randomly picked to be Shawn's helper. Then.....Chris showed some secrets. Jasmine once again hates Shawn for not liking the idea about sharing the money, yet at the moment, he started to like the idea. She doesn't care about him, but then when he falls off the snowy mountain, buried in snow, Jasmine worries and comes to his rescue. After that, Shawn wins, and they share the money.

As you can see, she was caring, physical, strategic, and was attracted to Shawn. It is hard to tell if she is Underrated or Overrated. I can't wait to hear your guys' opinions on Jasmine.

So go ahead and comment down on what you think of Jasmine. Do you think she's Underrated, Overrated, annoying, caring, or what? Tell me your thoughts!

                                                                                                                                                        ~ShawnFan14 aka Brady                   


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