Hey guys, Brady here....with....once again another blog. Also, before I begin with this blog, I just wanna say Happy Holidays! Now, this blog is about the future events of Total Drama......interactions. Interactions are a huge part of Total Drama, if its a friendship, conflict, relationship, etc. But one question I have is: What interactions do we want to see in the future?

To be honest, ANYBODY could have an interaction with ANYBODY.

I would like to see:

  • Trent and Ella as a couple
  • Rodney and Geoff as a friendship, or maybe a Geoff and DJ 2.0
  • Beardo and Dawn as a friendship, similar to Dawn and B
  • Cody and Samey as a one-sided attraction on Cody's side, and maybe even a friendship or alliance
  • Harold and Leonard as a friendship, because they are both nerdy and roleplay
  • Bridgette and Lightning as a conflict, because Geoff and him are friends and they play football, but Bridgette is irritated by Lightning's attitude and stuff

What interactions do you wanna see in future seasons or spin-offs of Total Drama? Put it in the comments, and once again, Happy Holidays! Merry Christmas!