Hey guys, Brady here, and today is something I thought about. So let me get into explaining!

In Finders, Creepers, Brick wanted to listen to his cadet code, but Jo forced him to leave everyone behind to win the challenge. Brick goes and loses for the team, because he needed other people with him. At the elimination ceremony, Brick decides to quit, because he didn't follow his own code. Chris then makes Brick go to the Toxic Rats, instead of getting hurled. 

So here is my question: If Brick didn't quit, then who would've been voted out? I got three ideas for this!

  1. Jo, because she was super bossy and was a bad team leader, and the team was probably annoyed with her, and plus, it was her idea to have Brick not listen to his rule, so it's sort of her fault they lost.
  2. Anne Maria, because she hadn't been doing much. She wasn't good in the challenges, and seemed pretty useless. She also would definitely get votes from Cameron and Zoey, for constantly making out with Vito, which annoyed the both of them.
  3. Mike, because maybe some people thought his personalities were getting annoying, and that he wasn't becoming a use anymore, especially since he had almost everyone on his side.

Now, I want your opinions on who you think would've gotten voted out if Brick didn't quit. This is a blog about an elimination, and I actually have a plan for another elimination blog! 

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