Okay okay, so there are many theories about Don, the new host for RR. 

You don't know any of the theories? Let me list off ALL the ones I've found:

  • Don being Topher's father
  • Don being Chris in disguise (which can't be true, as Chris won't be in RR)
  • Topher in disguise
  • Don being Topher in the future
  • Chris and Don being arch nemisises

These are the main, popular theories. I have my own theory about Don. What is it? Okay, let me tell you.

So, Fresh confirmed, by replying to a comment, that Don is in his 40s. So, you know, maybe he is a father.......

BUT who......who, could his child or children be?

I've heard no one say this theory about Don, but I think:

Don, is the father of Dakota.

  • gets hit with cabbages thrown from the audience* OH GOSH! Okay woah! It's just a theory of mine!

Okay for reals though, this is my theory. Don could be Dakota's father. 

So, what is your guys' theories about Don? Leave 'em in the comments below!

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