Okay guys, well......these two ships possibly could have potential in the future, but also couldn't have potential in the future.

Skave: What Happened In TDPI:

This was a rocky relationship. Dave at first liked Sky, then Sky started to develop feelings towards him, then they basically liked eachother, but Sugar stopped them all the time. Soon enough, she totally rejected him, and he ended voting himself off. Then......Sky's ex.....Keith....kinda.....maybe....ruined their "relationship". Dave started to rage at Sky, and hated her. Then he became frustrated after he didn't win the money. 

Skave: What Could Happen After TDPI:

Well, maybe if they appeared in another season, they could kiss and make up. Or hug and make out. Who knows? They do have potential to get back together, but then again, there's always that potential that they'll break up, and Dave will go out with Scarlett, or Sky will get back together with Keith, or date another jock like Tyler or Lightning or something.

Skave: Your Opinion On If It Could Happen In The Future:

Well guys, this is where you come in. Do you think Skave has enough potential to happen in the future of Total Drama? Do you think they will just move on to new people? What are your opinions?

Moving on to the next couple:

Sugard: What Happened In TDPI:

At first, Sugar liked it how Leonard was a "wizard" and how he told all these stories about him being a wizard and stuff. She began to develop a crush on him, calling him "smart" and always taking his side and having him do everything he wants to. She then got upset that Leonard got voted out and not Ella. Then in the episode she is eliminated in, she yells that she is coming for the "wizard".

Sugard: What Could Happen After TDPI:

Well you know, maybe the two could be in another season together, and Leonard begins to feel that she likes him, and he starts to like her back, and they could become a couple. Or maybe Sugar finds someone else like Owen or Rodney who she thinks is better than the "wizard". 

Sugard: Your Opinion On If It Could Happen In The Future:

Okay guys, opinions? Do you think it could happen? Do you think they'd go their seperate ways, but maybe ACTUALLY be friends? Maybe they'd be somewhat a power couple? What are your opinions guys?

Man, this was a fun blog to write. Now put yo opinions down now!

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