So, I am making a blog about Della, or Davella, however you call it. It's basically Dave x Ella. This to me is so stupid. I will explain why!

Okay, so I will admit, I used to ship Skave. Okay, well, I shipped it BEFORE Ella got involved. Like seriously, why did Ella have to get involved with Skave? Literally, Ella could've just fallen in love with Rodney for all I care, but they seriously had to mess up the main couple of TDPI. (Shawn and Jasmine was the other main couple, but I find Skave to be more main for some reason). So anyways, when did Dave and Ella start interacting to begin with? Well, thank you TD wiki for making a "Dave and Ella" page so I don't have to waste my time! So in episode 1, Dave is immediatley annoyed by Leonard, but Ella wants to sing to cheer him up. Yuck. Next off, Dave is mad at Ella for getting a bucket of glitter. Don't worry Dave, I would've been mad too. He then says he wishes to vote 4 people off, and Ella was probably one of those 4. 

So already, there are negative interactions between the two. Anyways, let's skip a few episodes, to....uh......"A Blast From The Past"....Oh great! This is the episode where Sky and Dave become a couple right? Wait no? Oh yeah.....ELLA has to freaking get involved to stop Skave. I stopped shipping Skave right when Ella got involved. The whole thing was so stupid too. Since Ella is a Disney princess rip-off, they just HAVE TO have a Cinderella reference, and have someone put her shoe back on. They could've just not done a whole rip-off, but since the writers, I guess, love to write love triangles, Dave had to be the option of putting her shoe back on. Then the stupid thing is she is automatically attracted to him once he puts on her shoe. That to me was so ridiculous. I know it's just a parody of Cinderella, but seriously though, that is NOT how love should work. Even in Total Drama. 

We already had the infamous Gwuncney love triangle, which wasn't totally BS, as something needed to happen between the 3. Then the next love triangle that I honestly found really useless, Zokemaria or Annzoke or whatever. That was pretty useless to me, but I was fine with it. Then.....we have this BS love triangle. Why on earth are the main couples of all these seasons being in love triangles? Duncney was the main couple, and they put Gwen into it, making a love triangle. Zoke was the main couple of ROTI, and since Mike was MPD or OCPD, which is the modern way of saying "MPD", Vito came in and Anne Maria got attracted to him. Now, these make sense to me, since the writers needed to add some plot to all these couples. But in all honesty, I'm not THAT big of a fan of love triangles, but then again, unless they are interesting to me, then I'm fine with them. 

Then we have Skave as the main couple of TDPI. But, since there just HAS to be a love triangle, they need Ella to make sure that Skave has some plot. Honestly, they could've just given Skave some other plot instead of just another love triangle. This Skavella love triangle is the most useless love triangle in my opinion. Okay, let's get back on track with Della.

So yeah, I pretty much hate that Ella had to ruin the chances of Skavella. *cameraman whispers something* Wait what? The next episode? Something happens with Della? Hmm...let me watch this episode! *goes away*--------------------------------------------------*comes back*

Okay, was just done watcing "Mo Monkey Mo Problems". YES! YES! YES! Thank god! Dave, I'm so glad that you were just straight up and were like "Can you get the heck away from me now? This is for Sky!" and then Ella cried and told Sky and blah blah blah teenage gossip. Anyways, in the beginning of the episode, Ella believes the picnic is for her, after surprisingly being attracted to Dave after just having him save her from drowning and putting on her shoe. She goes to the picnic, calls him David......*cough cough* DAWN ALERT *cough cough*. Oh sorry guys, got a little cough. Moving on, Dave tells her the news that it is infact for Sky. So she is heartbroken.....BUT AT THE END OF THE EPISODE WHEN SHE IS ELIMINATED SHE CALLS DAVE "her prince" STILL. I....I won't even bother with this love triangle logic, as there is barely any logic in this world anymore lol.

So yay, Della is no more! Just watch, season 6 happens, and Della becomes a thing. Remember that I said "So yay, Della is no more!" just in case I jinx myself when season 6 comes. So yeah, I hate Della a lot. 

Alright, so this is why I hate Della. Completely useless love triangle, ruining the main couple of TDPI just for some dumb plot purposes, and just a terrible Disney rip-off. What do you guys think of Della? Do you hate it as well? Do you ship/support it? Tell me in the comments!