This is my second version of my "Could Be Related" blogs. My first was was pretty popular, so I thought of making another one. I was orginially going to do Sadie and Staci, but this seems more interesting to me. Plus, I've ran out of ideas of what to do for blogs. 

Owen: He burps, farts, eats, never stops talking, and is a huge fan of Chris. Yeah. That's Owen. 

Sugar: She burps, farts, eats, never stops talking, and is a huge fan of the show. Yeah. Kinda similar huh. Plus they are both kinda overweight. Well, Owen is, and Sugar is sort of. Not really, but sort of.

Now, this time. I decided to not just go for similar characteristics. I gotta dig DEEP. 

Sugar lives on a farm, somewhere in Canada. Where are farms located? Usually plains, or near woods. Wait one second. Near woods? Isn't that where Owen went hunting for a bear? Yup. They both live near woods. I mean, Owen and his Grandpa probably wouldn't travel far, because in his 'animation' they looked pretty fit. 

Most siblings seem to be very different, or very alike. These two seem to be different. Usually, siblings' body build or height is different. Sugar is strong but short, and Owen is weak but tall. The data that I have collected matches up with these. They also have blonde hair, but different colored eyes. Owen has black, and Sugar has blue, but if you look closely in Owen's Video Family Message, Owen's parents both have black eyes. The family relations, and silbing differences match up to me. Let's find out more!

Sugar has a brother. WHAT?? Go on Sugar's wiki page and you'll see it says she has a brother. I'm pretty sure she has said it in the show as well. Now, Owen has not revealed to have a sister, so he's probably keeping it a secret. 

That's it for this blog. These do seem to be siblings or cousins, with many things alike, but I dug a little deeper to find more information. Give me your guys' feedback, I can't wait to see your comments and ask any questions if you like. Thanks for reading this blog!


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