Hey guys! It's ShawnFan14 here with another blog! Yay! This took me a while to think about, because I had no idea what to write about. So here it is.

Now, B and Beardo share SOO many similarities, so of course they could be brothers. 

  • They both are very shy, and don't talk a lot. B never spoke, but he almost did when he was eliminated, and all he said was "AAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!" Beardo only makes sounds, and only talked in his audition video. Boom. Both of them being shy, it's kinda common for brothers, but maybe they talk a lot, just to eachother.
  • Same height. Now, they are both pretty tall, and are about the same height, so maybe they could be twin brothers! Who knows? 
  • Both being the same skin color. Now, that's all I wanted to say, but before you say anything, I just wanna say that I'm not trying to be racist AT ALL! 
  • They both start with a 'B'. Maybe there parents also start with a B, and they wanted their children to start with a B as well.

  • Someone could've known about Beardo and B being related. In TDPI, Beardo got eliminated because of him not communicating, right? Well, maybe Dave or somebody knew that Beardo was related to B, so one of them told everyone about that, having them vote him out.

So this is just an opinion, this isn't something real in Total Drama, it's just something that could be true, and something that I think can happen, and something that came to mind, and please no hate! Anyways, thanks for reading my blog! Bye bye! ~ ShawnFan14

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