Yo, Brady here, with just some blog. xD. I wanted to make a blog about something, but I wasn't too sure. At first I wanted to make one about Harold and Beth vs Harold and Leshawna. Then I was like nah. I then thought of talking about the offscreen couple known as Izzy and Justin, but was like "nah" again. So I'm going to talk about......Beth.

Total Drama Island

She started out as this geek. I thought she did well at first. She of course...was manipulated by Heather to be in her forcing alliance. I LOVED it when she stood up to Heather. Her friendship with Leshawna and Lindsay was fun to watch too. Then....this boney island incident. She didn't even know the rules for the challenge and just took the tiki. So yeah. In the next episode, she put the tiki on her team's plate of food for design. Her team lost, and she ended up going home....shame. She was pretty fun and interesting to watch, but she got out early. 

Total Drama Action

Beth has returned! This is where more of her interactions come into play. She was like besties with Lindsay and was super attracted to Justin....until one point where she didn't find him attractive anymore. In the season, she voted out Trent, got rid of Courtney, had her bestie leave, KISSED HAROLD and ultimately, she was in the final 2! In some places she won, and some places she lost. This was Beth's season to shine in, so well done to her! 

With my opinion on Beth, I really like, because she was fun to watch, and was a finalist. 

Now I want your guys' thoughts on Beth. What do you think of her? Comment down below!

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