Hey guys, ShawnFan14 here! I feel like this needs to be adressed, because some previous or recent stuff from TD is well....uh....going downhill. And the writers are bringing TD at the bottom of the hill, but we are super close to hitting the bottom.

Listen, I don't want to make a TDAS hate blog, but the writers seemed to run out of challenge, twist, and season ideas, along with terrible choices for All Stars. Maybe they wanted some characters to be more popular. 

TDROTI seemed to be the writer's version of a mutated, unrealistic, and poor character development season. It wasn't EXTREMEY bad, but it wasn't the best. I don't know about you guys, but I like realistic things. TDROTI was basically the end of realistic stuff in TD. Sure there where a few unrealistic stuff in TDI, TDA, and TDWT, but this season was basically the end of that. Plus, the characters weren't the best, but some of them were really cool. Brick, Jo, Zoey, and Cameron had the most REALISTIC stereotypes, where the others were eh.

TDPI, almost like Survivor: Pahkitew Island. These characters don't even have stereotypes. Just random stuff like a Snow White repeat, a germ/love crazy guy, and a idiotic wannabe wizard. What happened to the stereotypes from like TDI? The deliquent, the dumb blonde, the eye candy, and the brickhouse with heart. I think Max's (Dumb Evil 'Genius') seems most realistic out of all the "stereotypes" in TDPI. The writes have essentially ran out of character ideas. They must have writer's block. I don't see any development in character ideas, but the development in challenges and twists are getting better. One thing about this season is that it's basically Survivor. I think the writers wanted something to happen with Amy and Sammy, so they put in, the manzanilla de la muerte, which means, 'little apple of death'. They knew Sammy was too much of an underdog, so they put a toxic apple to help Sammy. K.........what I'm surprised about is that Amy wasn't dead, because the apple can be fatal if you EAT IT. 

With that, the writers, in my opinion, are running ideas. I do like the spin-off thing, but once RR is released, we'll see if the writers decided to do what we have been wanting for ever since TDAS came out. Terrible challenges, twists, "stereotypes", character development. My gosh. If Gordon Ramsay wasn't a chef and was a writer or fan of total drama, I wish he yelled at them like he does on Hell's Kitchen. Whatever, I just hope the writers listen to us and they put out some great stuff, because I am anxious to find out more stuff about Total Drama. Maybe even a couple spoilers here and there. This was my 5th blog, so yeah. Good bye!


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